The Ricki Lake Show – Fri Feb 1st

Margaret is a guest on The Ricki Lake Show on Friday, Feb 1st. Tune in!

Misadventures of Parenthood

Ricki sits down with couples who feel lost in the misadventures of parenthood.

While getting pregnant, having children and being a parent are all amazing parts of life, is it ever what we expect and what if things don’t go as planned? Ricki chats with Grammy-nominated comedian Margaret Cho about her latest comedy tour titled “Mother,” which was inspired by her own mother’s unexpected journey through parenthood. Also, clinical therapist/life coach Spirit counsels a couple with three children (all under the age of three) who are on the verge of a relationship meltdown. Also, interior design expert Trish Suhr helps a mom who is trying to accommodating her children (one toddler and one newborn) together in one bedroom.

In addition, CEO and founder of “Parent Tested, Parent Approved,” Sharon Vinderine, shares some of the latest “must have” baby products and The Colgate 13, Colgate University’s celebrated a capella group, swings by to serenade Ricki and her audience.


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