Blind Dinner Party Airs on Food Network 10/26

Please tune in to Blind Dinner Party on the Food Network this Friday night, 10/26 at 11pm!

** UPDATE: Blind Dinner Party will also air on 11/5 at 11:30pmĀ 

Comedian Margaret Cho is conducting a bizarre social experiment, inviting eight total strangers to a “blind dinner party.” These eight strangers have entirely different backgrounds, beliefs and views on everything and — under normal circumstances — would likely never choose to dine together. But can people from extremely disparate worlds come together and find common ground over food?


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  1. Just saw the show – thought it was great! Would love to be invited to a dinner party like that. You’re on to something!!

  2. This show was amazing – I had a huge smile on for the entire thing. The concept of the show was at first a bit shocking to me however, I found it to be a great eye-opener for participants and viewers alike. I have a huge interest in diversity related issues and concerns and hope that one day there will be a way for me to share this episode with a class. Can’t wait for another episode!

  3. Really great, thank you Margaret, looking forward to more enlightening interactions and peacemaking around your dinner table!

  4. OMG. My husband and I just watched your Blind Dinner party show and It was AHHHHMAZING! WE loved it! You are the shit and I hope there will be more episodes to come!?! Please? lmao Have a great Friday Night.

  5. Saw your Blind Dinner Date show and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Really looking forward to more episodes. Totally amazing!

  6. You called out the guy from Texas who can sang in Hindi and said somethng like “being an Asian, liberal woman I make assumptions about white men all the time.” and then because the Jewish lady said she was for racial profiling you threw her under the bus. Ms. Cho, you are such a racist hypocrite!!

  7. I found this show great and it should be on all the time. This was a very awesome show to watch tonight. Helps people open up to complete strangers and see one another for their differences and such. It is a very delicious and educational experience for people to enjoy.

  8. This show was so refreshing compared to the crap thats on television. I wasn’t sure of the show when I heard the plot but stayed tune due to interest and the fact its Margaret freaking Cho, but I was surprised. When can we expect another episode?

  9. I just watched the Blind Dinner Party and found it one of the most refreshing show I’ve seen in a very long time. The way the show was structured very creatively, the food wasn’t the focus, the people were. I can’t wait to see another episode, hopefully it will be as fresh as the others!

  10. I accidently stumbled upon Blind Dinner Party and I have to say I haven’t enjoyed a show so much in a very long time. I was glued to my TV the entire time! I loved Margaret before this and I love her even more now. It was great to see everyone rethink their own thinking as the dinner progressed. Thank you Ms Cho and Thank you Food Network for your program choices. I cannot wait until the next episode to broadcast and hope there are many more to come. (PS thought the dinner games were excellent!)

  11. margaret that is GREAT. as i’ve visited the united states for 11 years, there are only a few homes in which i’ve been welcome even though many people have been in my home, my journals, my bedroom, my toilet, my campsite. a culture is a skeleton as long as a production crew or project management limits the meat of the matter. wonderful margaret. after 10 years of working on the streets of los angeles for months at a time, i was at my first party in los angeles since i used to live there in the 80’s. some lovely people and kids even though i could read between the tragic lines in other realms. los angeles is so lovely when the emptiness doesn’t become too much. thank you.


  13. just an FYI, I did LIKE the show for the most part, just not the hypocrisy… still not a HUGE fan of Ms. Cho, but did like the mix of people. ALL the people.

  14. I absolutely loved the show! It just goes to show that total strangers from a variety of backgrounds can come together, get to know one another, and even make friends over good food and interesting games. Would enjoy seeing more episodes in the future, maybe even scoring an invite!

  15. I thoroughly enjoyed this. It was new and refreshing. A great experiment worth repeating exponentially. This could a wave of understanding and love to flood this country.

  16. Will this be available for viewing online anytime soon… I heard about too late and would really love to see it..


  17. I saw it and found the show very interesting in the changing attitudes once people actually spoke to different folks as opposed to making an opinion based on assumptions. I was truly surprised at how many conservatives came. And the bisexual woman was a total babe!

    Will look forward to the next episode you do.

  18. I thought the show was so much fun!! I will definitely be watching again. I will admit that the show felt a little rushed… would be amazing if it could be an HOUR show instead of just half an hour!

  19. Just saw Blind Dinner Party and thought it was wonderful. I was very impressed by the way everyone handled these sensitive issues in a very positive way. I was surprised by how well everyone got along. I wish more people could see this show and learn from it.

  20. Reall enjoyed Margaret Cho’s show, Blind Dinner Party. I look forward to seeing more episodes. It was interesting to see the diverse personalities enjoying a nice dinner party.

  21. I wish I had been apart of that show, I am a born again Christian but do not believe that I have the right to judge(not really accepted in my Church) and my husband and I are of diffrent political parties(fun at voting time). Thanks for something wonderful!

  22. Just watched the show. LOVED it!!! This show needs to be advertised and showed during primetime. It truly made me introspective and yet completely enjoyed it at the same time. PLEASE do this again!!!

  23. I truly enjoyed the show and hope that there are more episodes to come. Your guest and the games were very interesting, but there wasn’t much focus on food. So, if the cooking channel decides that your show for whatever reason should not be continued, I truly hope you find another station, or another form of communication to host your blind dinner parties.

    Also, I would love to be a guest at one of your parties. I truly wish you well and much success with your new show.

    Robert Somadhi

  24. just happened upon the show blind dinner…. loved it loved it loved it. so very creative and clever. nothing else like it on t.v. bravo margaret cho. i hope this will become a series. p.s. why no marketing? shame on you food network. maybe bravo will pick it up for a series. its great.

  25. Can I just say….you made ME want to do a blind dinner party as well!!!!! Can I just tell you how absolutely genious of an idea this is??? Its going to take TV by storm….not sure it should be on FoodNetwork….but hell, ill take it where I can get it. I loved it soooooooo much, I watched it twice. ADDICTED already!!!!!!

  26. I loved this show! I hope it gets the green light! I would also love to see it expand to an hour, 30 minutes is way too short!

  27. This show was AWESOME!!!! I would watch it again and hope it airs more often. The world would be a much more peaceful place if everyone could try to get along and just sit and talk….thi show is the epitome of eutopia!

  28. I saw one episode–I want more. I live just down the road a piece and I would adore an invitation. Or how’s this, we schedule a dinner party here in San Diego–OMG the mind races with possibilities.

  29. I’m a little embarrassed to not have known about Blind Dinner Party – being that I’m a Margaret Cho fan. Thank goodness I poked around my guide a bit more while setting up my DVR to come across it! I freaking LOVED the show! Only complaint – wish it was an hour! I can only imagine how much more there was that probably had to be edited out to fit in the allotted 30 minutes.
    Please tell me this is going to be a regular show!?!
    I will be hunting for more info on the web & stay tuned!
    Fabulous concept & Margaret was the perfect host of such a array of guest – perfection & a delight to watch!

  30. Just saw the show and thought it was GREAT! Hope they show more of them. It was a very interesting show to say the least. Keep them coming.

  31. I fully agree with another poster Karrie. Ms Cho tries to be so PC but she is a liberal hypocrite.She repeated a few times how she is wary of any republican white male yet she freaked when the one lady was brave enough to say that she believed in racial profiling. I bet Ms Cho would jump all over a white guy that said he was wary of liberal asian women…there’s your double standard.
    Also the 2 republican guys were introduced as “republican’s” and no one else was introduced as democrats..another double standard…
    Show has nothing to do with food….
    Ms Cho is not funny despite being a so-called comedian, just an angry liberal with a chip on her shoulder

  32. Loved the show and want to host a Blind Dinner Party in my area. I think this would benefit the country. I live in the Washington, DC area.
    Does anyone know where I can find a copy of the questionnaire used on Craigslist?
    Happy New Year to All!

  33. I saw the show when it originally aired and loved evey damn second of it. Kudos to FoodNetwork for airing it. I have to admit I was skeptical at 1st but was astonished as it all unfolded. Margaret is a 1st class hostess and top notch philosopher. I thought she was very fair to everyone. To those who thought she wasn’t… well…FUCK YOU.

  34. This show was on only ONCE!?! It was awesome! We’d watch every week. What great conversation around that table!!

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