Fish and Chips

British food is my ruin – it is that good. I don’t know why there has been a long standing idea that British cuisine is not sophisticated and delicious. It’s so goddamnned good and it’s my favorite. All the expressions of it are amazing, from the simple pub fare like cheese and pickle sandwiches and salt and vinegar crisps to the curries to the pasties to the shortbread to the fish and fucking chips.

I got in late last night from Germany just as the kitchen to the Groucho Club was about to end their service and put in and order for their divine fish and chips just barely in time. I felt bad that I had to keep the kitchen open later but there’s some times in your eating life where the only thing that will solve your late night problems is a hot, crispy fried piece of fish and a big pile of chips.

I will smother the whole gorgeous thing in malt vinegar and then put the tartar sauce on that and then put the green pea stuff on that – oh god I don’t care if it will stay in my system forever. I can almost see it on my body after I have eaten it and I honestly don’t care. It’s worth it. The fat and carbs complete me.

Of course the club here serves the fancy variety, without the newspaper wrapper – but I miss that part. I like to see newsprint on my food. I guess it’s that little bit of bitter truth that makes it real and worth it.

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  1. Sounds good. Will try it when wife and I get over there. You ROCK Margaret!! Too bad you had to cancel your show in York PA. Was looking forward too it.
    Later Ed

  2. I was just in England and wasn’t expecting much of the food, when for breakfast they placed in front of me an egg on toast. I thought… What the hell? How is this a breakfast?

    Well, let me tell you, I ate that fucking egg and toast every day after that while I was there. It was the most delicious, buttery, greasy, fatty, eggy, toasty warm thing I’ve ever had.

    And I simply cannot replicate it back home. It’s a British thing.

  3. I guess it’s that little bit of bitter truth that makes it real and worth it.////is that why i LOVE visiting los angeles — because i really LOVE the city so much, but i cannot stand hollywood. so, i love dissecting the aspects of that corporate umbrella of douche-bags that is no longer really connected to creative communication unless numbers express something as beautiful mind beyond an agenda or ledger where i love seeing them standing on a ledge since taco hell, office depot, kentucky fried chicken, and best buy have nothing to do with making a film beyond splat he hit the pavement from 13 floors up. love you.

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