Feet Treat

I can no longer deny that I have dry feet and now I am taking matters into my own hands (feet) and I broke down and ordered a Ped Egg and some foot moisturizer in a weird push up stick. It’s kind of like a yogurt push up or a deodorant, neither of which I have experience with. I have never eaten yogurt that is pushed rather than spooned and I have never put anything under my arms (even though everyone wishes I would).

My new foot regime came in the mail all together and I had a hard time opening the ped egg at first. I thought I might crack it and separate it like a real egg, but finally it yielded to my relentless grip and opened up. I grated my dry foot and was disgusted/amazed to find that the chamber held the dry skin flakes just like parmesan cheese and this device would probably do really well in my kitchen, although it’s probably wise to purchase another for that use.

I then took a stridex pad, already in my beauty arsenal, and wet down my dry, scale-less feet with the acidic solution. On top of the stridex I rolled on a layer of the foot moisturizer, on the handy stick. The stick is important because l gave myself a pedicure not long ago, and the continuous bending gave me a terrible neck ache that I had to get a chiropractic adjustment for. It was going down those 2-3 inches to reach my feet that made the biggest difference. If I had the foot moisturizer on a stick, then I wouldn’t have had to have my ribs cracked.

I have put a sock (dirty, but of course) on top of the whole thing and now my feet are kind of stingy, kind of menthol, really wet feeling. I don’t know if this will work. I hope so.

5 thoughts on “Feet Treat

  1. They’re stingy because you shaved off live skin along with the dead skin. And wiping that raw live skin with an alcohol pad, although clean, is probably burning the shit out of your foot. Just buy a Swedish Clover foot file and use it in the shower every day before you get out of the shower (or bath). And moisturizer twice a day! Ok, I’ll stop telling you what to do. Have a good day! 🙂

  2. I think the pedi egg is a little too harsh for feet. It’s really aggressive and you’ll end up removing healthy, living tissue.

    Instead, after your evening shower or a soak, try a natural pumice stone or similar product for removal of dead, scaly, hardened skin but nothing with a blade or metal edge! The follow up with a liberal application of bag balm (http://www.bagbalm.ca/bagbalm.ca/english/index.asp) and wear socks overnight.

    Do this for four or five days in a row and you’ll see a huge improvement. Then you can taper off the use – I do it approx. once a week and it works wonderfully!

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