Good Dogs

There’s percolating sounds that a good dog makes when she is happy and healthy and sitting next to her mom and/or dad. It’s like these little wet noises of pleasure, that coincide with brief petting, getting those doggie endorphins going, hands between long limbs and touching the warmth within, like you are stoking a dog fire.

I often can’t believe the simple yet overwhelming joy I get from holding/ witnessing/caring for my animals. Life is too much at times, and people don’t give you the quiet assurance you need. If you put your hand unexpectedly in between someone’s arm and body, it’s likely you will get a punch.

A dog, a nice one that is – will give you a look of gratitude, close her eyes in reverie, breathe long and hard and deep to show you she is taking all that good feeling inside, storing it up for later, dog dreams still yet to be dreamt, magnificent fields full of balls and you and her alone but for the squirrels in the trees.

2 thoughts on “Good Dogs

  1. Fabulous blog. I love dogs/cats more than humans!!!!! I do animal rescue going in 9 yrs now. Nothing better in life. Luv ya, waiting for u to come to NYC, I need to see ur new show. You r the best !!!!

  2. what is interesting — love animals. so many stray cats here in the beach because of hurricanes. they keep most of the rodents down. yet, i’m sick of cockroaches. it’s a shame — yes, affection and the tenderness of pets even humans. yet, margaret — i believe after you followed the memphis 3 and other justice issues as well as watching a recent program with aung san suu kyi who just arrived in the u.s. — i am reminded of how much some people sacrifice. having had people in my life who wanted me involved in their media venture, you know how often a tight relation can develop among a crew on projects, yet, when they need to obsess about unhealthy examples of horrible affection like molestation, and horrible tenderness like drunken spasms, and horrible friendship like cockroaches who get nothing done “mostly” as they are too busy getting “off” at the computer or hitting the free-base….thus, when i think of people who sacrifice so much — i recognize that there are some communities who really got what they deserved as their silence, apathy, participation in hate crimes, trafficking, and greed told the story that they were engaged on the wrong side of history if they are really interested in hope and change as well as huge global ecological ISSUES that are just around the corner. have a lovely time in paris. i’d take a pass on germany. too many people on this film crew making jokes about arbeit macht frei. it’s so not my thing — like lecherous trolls are really not my thing.

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