Born to be Mild

If I see you riding when I am driving or walking or riding myself, my heart goes out to you, and if I could I’d like to cover you in an invisible blanket of good luck and good timing and safety and fingers firm on the controls. May your wheels spin fast underneath you and take you exactly where you need to go. I guess I wish this, and wish you well, rider, because I would hope I could have the same.

Strangers looking out for each other? That is such a nice thought. I’ll think it more as I trudge around this idea. I’ve been dealt some blows by humanity, yes, in ways humanity has been fairly ugly, and I want to restore my faith in folks. I just poke around the spiritual stuff, but I also know certain things are true and right. Kindness and karma link, and there rewards for good actions even in the face of ferocious fighting especially when fighting for good.

When I see motorcycles I feel free, and I am reminded of my own freedom of spirit and motion and how it moves me. Those who are riding hopefully can manage the risk of it with the thrill of it. I am not sure I do yet, but I am trying, and perhaps then the wish for it is enough to keep me safe for now, along with heavily padded leather pants that give me prodigious junk in the trunk – which is an overwhelming positive in my opinion.

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  1. Makes me wanna get on that bike and ride. Good wishes Margaret in restoring your faith in folks. Sometimes we need to disconnect to reconnect.

  2. At 46, I took Rider’s Edge with the hubbs to ‘be a better passenger’. Following the class, I rode a Buell for six weeks, a Sportster for four months, and the hubbs got me a Dyna Wide Glide for Christmas. I’m two years in now, and wonder why I waited so long. But I’m with you – managing the risk weighs on me every time I get on the cycle (especially when you read about Cactus losing a leg, or friends hitting deer on the way home – and she dies). Some bikers laugh at my helmet and tactical gear, but I’ll take my various ‘safety blankets’ every day. You can fix a broken arm…but brain damage is forever.

  3. Great post 🙂 and I hope the title is a nod toward the song! “Born To Be Mild” by the Lunachicks…off the same album as their “Gett Off The Road” which is of course about punk biker chicks!! If anyone doesn’t have their records from the 90’s, go pick all of them up right now! Starting with “Babysitters on Acid” ~ they’ve still got the best sound going and funny too. Love you MC! See you October 5th in Cleveland! XO

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