Skin anomaly why oh why? Go away please leave me in peace.

I have a red, throbbing, pulsating skin problem on my face that will not go away, no matter what I put on it. Even the special grey white erase stick that I got in paris, which takes most blemishes down in its waxy kiss does nothing to it. It stays red and aching on my face, like it is marking a city on my visage, my skin a map of capillaries and veins and problems that need solving.

I never had acne as a teenager, which is fine I guess, as I had enough problems. Acne in general hasn’t been a plague on me, as I have the opposite – dry skin, which gets so tight it threatens to shrink me right out of it. Dry skin doesn’t pimple, rather it flakes, it pulls, it splits – but it rarely erupts in the volcanic fashion of oily or combination skin. We all have our skin to bear, which is a sickening truth.

I’d like to slap this blemish away, vain as I am, but there’s nothing that can be done but leave it alone and allow it to heal, turn my attention within, try to drink more water and be a better person and do anything else but come for this pustule with a flame sterilized business end of a safety pin.

It’s really too small and hard to pop. It isn’t one of those great satisfying whiteheads that grows luminous and full like the moon, exploding into red raw craters that harden and bury themselves into scar. It’s one that will go away if attention is not paid it and it isn’t allowed to fester and irritate itself into permanence.

I have been known to do youtube searches for popped pimples and ingrown toenails, as the skin’s constant war against itself is an avid interest, but I refrain from posting my own. This is as much as I am willing to do – share my feelings and thoughts on it, using words as a way to bind my arms from further self harm.

5 thoughts on “Pimple

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  2. A never-fail fix for this issue: Wash the immediate area around the blemish with non-moisturizing bar soap (like Dial antibacterial). Dry the area. Then make a thick lather from the same soap in your hands. Put a glob of the lather on the blemish; make sure the lather is in close contact with the skin. Let it sit there WAY too long–as long as you can. Up to an hour is good. This should totally dry the area out. One treatment is often sufficient to eliminate any pain from the pressure of the infection. Repeat twice a day if needed. This method will make the blemish disappear over a few days. Only side effect is (sometimes, eventually) excessively dried out skin, which you can fix with lotion after the blemish is history.

    I wish I had known about this when I was a teen.

  3. As someone with tragic skin issues, putting raw honey on a zit over night should clear it right up or at least shrink it into something much more manageable.

    Love from Peachtree City,

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