Well that was a much looser yogurt than I had signed up for. You know there is nothing better than a thick pot of greek yogurt, full fat or 2% fat if possible. I like a drip of honey on it, or a hand split overripe fig dragged into the creamy middle. I go to artisanal shops and get some artisanal dairy and the labels are pretty and classy enough, so I assume that the more rare it is, the more toothsome, the more sour, the more funky and rich it will be. Some days this is true, but not today. It’s thin as milk and lumpy like an unblended vichyssoise.

I discovered the Fage brand of greek yogurt – the undisputed winner, the kind that makes me weak in the knees, each time I slip the wax paper top off the creamy head of a new container – while living in new york with Princess Farhana. She made eating it look so refined and elegant and decadent, as she does with most things, and I had to copy her.

Back then I would take a large fuji apple and cut it into 16ths with a bad, dull knife. I would eat the apple shards and take a bite of yogurt and this was my communion and my sustenance and my apple yogurt life. At the end there might be a tiny spoonful of almond butter to punctuate the meal, to put a period onto its completion.

I try other brands of yogurt, thinking yes there must be one that is more strained, one that is higher in fat content, one that will hold the spoon up unaided in the middle of the pot, but there is none but Fage. My refrigerator is full of these dairy mistakes I have made and now I must go to the store again and face Fage facts.

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  2. YES!!! Fage is my personal favorite as well! I get the big one and throw fruit and honey in it.
    and Margaret, did you know that Fage is made up here in Upstate NY??? how awesome is that?

  3. Margaret, i couldn’t have put it better myself. I am not only in agreement, I am Greek! And as one, am starting to get a little infuriated by the bandwagon-jumpers that have popped up out of nowhere when fage is the ONLY acceptable option for this type of yogurt.
    this week i discovered that a sweet potato, steamed in the micro and cut in half lengthwise drizzled with coconut oil and s & p is through the room heaven with a glop of full-fat fage plain on top.
    (ps, chobani isn’t terrible, but it’s fat-free, and i do not like my dairy free of fat!)

  4. I agree–Fage’s the absolute best for Greek yogurt, and generally the only one I bother with. I also prefer the 2% or full fat, plain or with a bit of honey. The copycat brands just pale by comparison.

    You might also like Brown Cow yogurt, which isn’t Greek-style, but they do a cream-top, whole-fat variety that’s ridiculously good (especially the maple flavor).

  5. I love FAGE and I’ve also fallen in love with Australian yogurt–Wallaby Organic brand, to be precise. I buy their vanilla and it isn’t super thick like Greek but SMOOTH and silky and the vanilla flavor is like a dessert. I love it with berries. Apparently they have a Greek yogurt too now but I haven’t tried it yet. I’m too addicted to their vanilla. I should try their sour cream, too.

    There are some things you want very thick yogurt for (tzatziki is one) and some things you want a thinner yogurt for (lassi, raita).

  6. Margaret! I must personally thank you for introducing me to Fage.

    I got the strawberry, smoothed the topping over the yogurt and took bites without stirring, per the package instructions. Pure heaven. Like eating cheesecake, only better.

    Long time lurker and big fan.

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