I get this idea that movement is no good for me, and I would love to just stay still as possible. There is no way for sweat to break through my impermeable skin. I would rather waste than build. I don’t want to breathe all that deeply. It is sheer laziness I am after and about, and the basest of my desires, sloth. Slow moving, nocturnal, pale skin and shiny eyes – all the traits of a night creature.

I love zoos where all the nocturnal animals are kept artificially awake in insular caves with mood lighting. Odd foxes with giant ears and small eyes gaze back at me through the glass as if to say “what are you doing on that side?” I recognize them like I recognize the night in me, vast and familiar. They stay still but I am even stiller, placid as a lake, but ready to run or pounce – whatever the scene dictates.

Fortunately I don’t have to hunt for my food, or I’d perish from starvation by lack of trying. The growling of my stomach doesnt move me. I’d be content with hibernating in the high summer. How incredible to just do nothing ever, but this for me is impossible, i just have too many jobs and perhaps the impossibility of it makes it all the more appealing.

Perhaps if for whatever reason, I couldn’t move, then I would dream all day of running around. As it is now, all i do is run and run and go and go – so my passion for inactivity is merely a just a nod to what i am unable to do.

6 thoughts on “Lazy

  1. Margaret, I am one of those lazy creatures myself. I don’t gain weight even though I am mostly sedentary. I do go for walks and jogs, just for my pleasure, not to stay in any Olympic competition shape and such.
    Beyond that you are a good looking gal and keep on being you. peace

  2. I used to dream of chocolate cream pie and french fries with gravy when I was on a diet …….it got me through….I think your lazy blog allows your inner self to acknowledge your cry for sloth…..remember to love yourself no matter what…..!


  3. Believe me when you can’t move you dream of moving. I have severe nerve damage in both feet and for the last 7 months have been confined to the couch hobbling only to the bathroom or drs office with my cane. As a 36 yo this SUCKS. It has been the kick in the butt (or feet) I needed though. I’m scheduled for surgery in Julyy and if all goes well I will be the funniest of running people you have ever seen. But I understand what you are saying for before this, being lazy was one of strong suits.
    Love you blogs, helps pass the time- as foes randomly writing celebs 🙂

  4. lovingly slothful or merely self-care in the midst of madness that has been overstated by attempting to grasp quotes through radio that oftentimes have not amounted to anything but trafficking our friends and family for a glory hole in a backroom in a hooker bar at a casino. i truly loved it when male homosexuals were men with spine that the showcase of bottom feeders that has made a questionable presentation. every man for himself did not challenge a disease!!

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