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It’s tough sometimes for those of us who trade words for money. You say things and you say things and you say things without listening or thinking about what they mean. You are going for laughs and you are going for recognition and you are going for everyone’s attention and sometimes your thoughts don’t have a chance to pass through your heart in their speedy journey from your sick head out of your potty mouth and then before you know it, the damage has been done.

I want to apologize (yes again and even more so this time) for the insensitive remarks I made on “Watch What Happens Live”. It was disappointing – in that I really disappointed myself because I have wanted to be on that show since it’s been on the air, and my ever present longing to do well and make a splash and have an impact really backfired. I also did a stellar job in disappointing countless others with my callous, witless tongue. I was thinking about myself solely, no one else, which I hate. I was way out of line.

What I was trying to say – in my own ignorant and muddled fashion –  is that I have fears about having children and whether or not my body – which I have ravaged and ruined myself with a thousand abuses from drugs and drinking to excessive eating followed by systematic starvation – etc etc etc – is capable of bringing a healthy baby into the world.

I think life is hard, and this planet is an especially unforgiving one – spinning thoughtlessly and carelessly on its axis without regard for humanity and all those who suffer daily from the dizzy – and if I want to drag someone else into this mess of a world – an innocent soul, a mere baby bystander – I want to give that kid the best chance possible. I want my child to have everything, and honestly, I am not sure my body can promise anyone that. I have long feared my body, held it at a kind of arm’s length, residing just outside my own lavishly decorated skin since nearly my very first conscious moment. I have shunned my body – blamed it and loathed it and now, years too late, I am finally trying to love it and understand it and treat it for the glorious thing that it is, my soul’s abode.

I lie in bed late at night wondering when my body will exact its revenge, take its deserved due, after so many years of acrimony and anorexia, hangovers and overtime, vicious colds and heartaches I have never allowed myself to recover from. Would it be now, when I have so much love in my life that I greedily seek to create more love, in the form of a child? Will my body fail me finally, as I have eternally failed it from practically the moment of its(my) own conception? It would only be fair, but as my unkindness towards others is but a mere shadow of the unkindness I am capable of against myself. I fear my body will have the last word, and instead of penalizing me only, it would hit me where I really live, in the body of my preciously abstract yet to be conceived child.

These ugly fears swirl in me constantly, and unfortunately, they came out, rude and plain, in an unguarded moment, on live television.

Believe me when I say I never meant to hurt anyone. Know that the children of the world, especially those differently-abled kids and their brave, ever noble parents and families, who have it hard enough to begin with, deserve much better than me and my idiotic need for approval in the form of nervous laughter. At the very least, please understand, I really have always tried to be of service to others, and even though I have hurt some along the way, there are still those who come to me and say I made them feel good when they desperately needed it, and stranger to stranger, actually helped them in their difficult lives. It doesn’t excuse my behavior, but it does mean my heart is in the right place. I try to be good, and at times (like these) I fail, but I will always keep trying.

I have long considered myself a protector of the bullied, champion of their causes and committed to their safe passage. What a rude awakening to realize I am myself a bully – nothing but a bully in dire need of comeuppance and a slap in the face.

Whenever anyone says anything unsavory in the media (see “shut up karl”), I am the first to cast stones, point fingers, howling like a banshee, calling out loud for apologies and retribution and reparation and openly painful regret. Now, I lie bleeding against the shards of my own glass house.

Let my sorrow and guilt pay for my misdeeds and know that I will try each day, every day, always and forever more, to be better.

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  1. Very nicely put!! If you don’t want to have a baby, there are millions of babies in the world who need families. Might be something to consider!

  2. Thank you.
    We all grow as a result of all our experiences. I hope that you take this growth with you throughout your life in the public eye (and that others in your line of work will follow suit).

    It was such a big thing for you to do, especially in the fa e of your many fans who would rather you not soften that edge. I for one am grateful.

  3. Dear Margaret: Thank you do much for your apology. My son has down syndrome and we do not consider him a retard or retarded. There is a campaign called Spread the Word to end the Word It is part of special Olympics and needs people in the entertainment industry to pledge to end the R word. It seems the more we protest as a community the more it appears in movies and print. I read a article once that said actors who look less attractive for a role call it. ” a full on retard”. Visit the site and learn about this important cause. If you think my son is accepted you ate wrong. People are still afraid to even touch him as him he is dirty. We need a champion. With love and light. Lisa Rose

  4. Thank you. From me and my two girls with Down syndrome… thank you. Everyone makes mistakes and sadly words can never be taken back, but acknowledging you messed up and moving forward from here with a more sensitive heart towards kids with disabilities is healing for all of us that were stung… and hopefully healing for you, too.

  5. Margaret, as a long time fan it hurts to say that I can’t help but feel disappointed in your choice of words. You have always been such an advocate for people who are different and are too weak or afraid to stand up for themselves. This is the thing I’ve loved most about you.

    Yes the risk for Down’s syndrome increases with age. Your fear is certainly valid.

    I hope you make it right by using your amazing wit, celebrity, and intelligence to help the disabled kids who need it. And put your money (or time) where your mouth is as they say.

  6. You realize don’t you, that if older parents were associated with having gay or lesbian babies, there would probably be a prenatal test you could take and people in this country who would encourage you to abort based on sexual orientation. Don’t just apologize, realize that people of less than stellar IQ receive the same hatred as people of your orientation.

  7. Margaret, I know you meant no harm with your comment. I constantly have my foot in my mouth while trying to be funny and get the laugh. I hope you don’t beat yourself up about this, we are human, and anyone who knows your activism and heart (as well as your humor) knows there was no malice here. I think you are hilarious and righteous and I hope this doesn’t drag your spirit down. Living in the public eye is a microscope and every thing becomes enlarged and inflamed, this too shall pass. Xoxo Bridget from Oakland CA.

  8. I was so disappointed when I heard you’d said those things, as I remember watching you on American Girl lo these many years ago, and with my wife on “Drop Dead Diva”.

    But your words here seem to beyond what a canny PR person could come up with. As far as I’m concerned, you’re forgiven. Continued best wishes for you and your career.

  9. There is very thin line between being funny inspiring political and hurting somebody’s feelings. True artists make also evident things that many think and don’t dare to say.
    I totally identify with margaret and am a huge fan but I see the point of those that were surprised or even hurt, because the joke was directed to an oppressed minority.
    I am sure that in Margaret’s mind saying retard is like saying dyke or faggot….even without the apology because of all her work on body image, minorities etc…
    The world can be a difficult place for anybody and I am sure nobody in this blog thinks that being normally abled is the key to happiness…’s like some fake liberals that say they have no problem with homosexuality yet they hope their child doesn’t turn out gay….”not because they would be ashamed” but because they fear it’s tougher to be happy if your gay.

  10. Sadly, you still really don’t get it. Having a child that isn’t typical, whether physically or mentally, isn’t a punishment to be meted out by a body you have abused. The fact that you still don’t get that these kids aren’t a punishment just shows that you continue to look down on kids you don’t deem sufficiently perfect.

    Until you actually learn that there is great value in these people and respect that no child is easy or perfect, you should just give up trying to give explanations for your behavior. It just shows the world how ignorant to reality of the topic you really are. Instead, get off your self-absorbed butt (obvious from your internal analysis of why you did what you did) and go spend some time with kids with cognitive disabilities.

  11. Margaret,

    Since you are someone who is so sensitive towards the language of identification used within the queer community, it’s hard for me to believe you were unaware that “retard” is a painful word. This suggests that you’ve never met someone with a disability, which I also cannot believe. Your show “Beautiful” hardly had anything to do with ideas of beauty—I considered myself a fan of yours but I am growing weary of weak politics coupled with scatological shock tactics. I sincerely hope that “Mother” has more thought-out insights about motherhood. And that you’ll perhaps consider using this incident as a learning experience to work into the show. Perhaps you’ve been playing too long under the assumption that your audience will hear anything you’ve got to say. But your fans appreciate intelligence, too, so please use yours! This will be one of the best ways to prove your apology is sincere.

  12. Hi, Margaret,

    When my eight year old boy was three, he did not talk. At all. And…he was a little peculiar.

    Maybe he would get diagnosed as autistic. Maybe he wouldn’t. Maybe he would never talk. Maybe he would.

    It was really pretty terrifying, and one of the terrifying aspects was confronting my own ugly prejudice against people who aren’t neurotypical. It wasn’t just that I wanted my kids to be smart — who doesn’t? — but that at some level, I believed that people who weren’t conventionally smart were somehow less-than.

    He talks now. And he goes to a regular school and is a pretty regular kid. But I have to say, I feel relieved to be rid of the burden of that prejudice I was carrying around without really realizing it. It was heavier than I thought, always judging myself and others based on how smart I thought I was or they were. It’s nice knowing that I don’t have to participate in our society’s drive to get everybody to be Normal with a capital N inside their skulls, and a relief to stop seeing being even a little different brainwise as a complete catastrophe.

    So? Now you know you’ve been carrying around some cultural baggage about people who aren’t neurotypical. Ditch it! Life’s way better without it.

    Yrs. truly,


  13. The vegetarians and vegans would like you to apologize for your hot dog post too. That was gross, animal suffering for unnecessary consumption is not a joke.
    You love dogs, but hot dogs with mustard. I don’t understand.
    It’s time to go liberate some wieners. My Brother the Cow!
    I am jesting you somewhat.. You live and eat how and what you want, but I don’t touch the stuff. I am living off of toast. Peace.

  14. I lot of people, especially those in the public eye, say things they later regret, but very few have the courage and humility to sincerely apologize and feel the pain of what they have done. Once again you have shown what you are all about. I applaud you!!

    I shoot off my mouth a lot online, although less than before, and the worst is when you don’t even recognize your insensitivity until it is pointed out to you. but you know what? Even saints can be assholes!

  15. OMG people. let’s get real. being a retard fucken sux! you have to have people make all your decisions and chart your bowel movements. In fact, the retard doesn’t even have to do that, cuz there will be a finger waiting to shove a suppository up there on day 2!puh lez

  16. Oh my goodness. I did a search on Margret’s comments on google and low and behold guess which new organization is reporting this and only them? Yep. Fox news.

    For most of these asshole slamming your comments Margret, I bet 9 out of 10 of them are those who have heard you’re comedy routine about Republicans and are using this as a way to get even. They’re like dogs who get a hold of a bone. Like the firestorm over the comments that democrat chick made about Ann Romney. They want to make you look bad so they can make themselves look good. These folks are nothing but Palin worshipers. If all it took was a comment from a comedian to wreck a person’s life or destroy their feelings…then these people are acting retarded.

    Yeah. I said it. No go away Republicants and find someone else to pick on.

  17. Frankly, I think the most disgusting thing is how many of your fans don’t apparently have a problem with what you said to begin with. I think it’s bizarre that many of them think that only a “Republicant” would be offended by an anti-“retard” rant. What does that say about liberals? Geesh.

    At any rate, thanks for the apology. I know apologizing isn’t easy. And for the record, disability isn’t anything to be afraid of. If you ever did get the privilege of parenting a disabled child, you’d love the kid like no one else you’ve ever loved, and your life would be enriched. It’s really only people with no first hand experience with people with disabilities who are scared.

  18. I am the father of a wonderful young man who has Down syndrome and autism. Your apology is accepted. Now please be sure to learn from this.

  19. Shane and lmfao–

    I consider myself a liberal. However, since I’m beginning to wonder if being a liberal means being an ignorant dumbass who can’t even express themselves in an adult way. I think I’m starting to see why this country is going down the toilet. People like you are “the voice?” Boy, we are screwed.

    A message from me and my “retarded” daughter. Go fuck yourselves, you worthless pieces of shit. Or each other. Whatever makes you so-called liberal assholes happy.

    Yeah, I said it. (See, I can be an ignorant asshole, too.)

  20. I love how you guys jump in here to get a rise out of people (which you did from me–congrats) when you have no more insight on the subject than a dial tone.

    I’m sure this is the highlight of your life, apart from your PS3 and jacking off over the current edition of Science Weekly (or whatever.) You would never, ever have the balls to make a real stand for something you actually believed in.

    Margaret Cho, if this is your fan base, I’m truly sorry for you. No wonder you haven’t had more mainstream success. I think you need to start fishing in a different pond. God help you.

  21. Dear Margaret,
    Thank you for the apology. I am a mother to a little girl with Down syndrome. I’m pro-choice & she was diagnosed prenatally. We chose to keep her because we valued her right from the start. Your words, especially as a long time fan of yours and LGBT Ally, were a slap in the face and an attack on our community. Your apology does appear heartfelt and we all make mistakes. However, I need to tell you that you are so very mistaken that having a child with a disability is a punishment. Our children with special needs are NOT our bodies exacting revenge on us. They are not a punishment for past deeds. As a parent I see my daughter as an equal in this world, not less-than my other children who do not have a disability. My girl is my joy, not a penalty. I fight the good fight every single day to get the rest of the world to see her beauty and her value. I consider it my privilege to be her advocate and look forward to the day that she can advocate for herself for the acceptance and respect she deserves. Come spend a day with us and you’ll quickly see that people with disabilities are so much more like us than different. I truly hope you take these words to heart, join is in the dignity revolution, and take the r word pledge at

  22. You speak of the parents, then bash the Palin’s? I have been a fan for years, have been accepting without question the right you have to be who you are, what you believe in, and selfishly have enjoyed your talent. Sadden to see you for who you are, screaming for acceptance from others but obviously that acceptance and respect is something you can’t give. But because I am who I am, I will keep you in my thoughts and hope the light in the hearts of others may touch you some day.

  23. “”Believe me when I say I never meant to hurt anyone. Know that the children of the world, especially those differently-abled kids and their brave, ever noble parents and families, who have it hard enough to begin with, deserve much better than me and my idiotic need for approval in the form of nervous laughter.””

    Really? Geez thanks. I never once thought that caring for and loving my differently-abled son with down syndrome made me NOBLE. You really need to first look at yourself and realize how much you don’t know. My son has made me a better person, he has brought such joy to my life, and I am fortunate to be his Mom. Nothing brave or noble about it. Infact being a parent is alot of work, regardless of the ability of the child, but by you suggesting we are noble, just further exemplifies your ignorance.

    Being a parent, any parent of any child requires love. It is not anything extra regal or noble about caring for your own flesh and blood that you bring into this world. Noble would be taking in a stray animal and nursing it back to health, feeding the hungry with your last dollar, etc…but I can’t expect you to understand this. The less fortunate are people like YOU who go around spewing out ignorance. Go crawl back under that rock because your apology aint cuttin it.

  24. You want a perfect child adopt !!!!

    Those of us that have to deal with a child living with Down syndrome except the fact our child is not perfect but then again WHO IS ?

    Your choice of words offended and a lot of my friends who have DS children. You have been put on the BAN list of comedians will prefer to watch.

    You have lost of lot of fans because of your words and for that I say DEAL WITH IT !!!

  25. Margaret, I understand. We all screw up and it’s even worse when it;s because we want something so badly. I got something I really wanted recently and I’m afraid I’ve really messed up. I feel bad and less than ten people know abbout it. I con only attempt to understand how you feel.

  26. @Janice No Janice. I’m not an ignorant asshole anymore than you are my fellow liberal. I simply pointed out that the righties scream and holler at a comment from Margret Cho. Forget what all the politicians and right wing pundits say about women, blacks and gays yet a comment from a comedian sends them into orbit. And after hearing women called sluts, gay’s and lesbians fags and black folks the N word, yes, I do indeed find the situation retarded. And if this kind of thing on the internet or the media get you this jacked up, then really it’s you and your daughter who are fucked.

    I tell you what make sure and get out out a rag and polish that Palin is God bumper sticker, because if you’re what constitutes as a liberal please go to the other side…we don’t need you.

    Oh yeah bitch…the only one who deserves the title of “The Voice” was Whitney Houston. Now I’ll sit back and wait for your bleeding heart to make a comment about her, since in you’re own little petty mind the only one’s who are protected from insults are you and you’re daughter.

    What the hell is wrong with the Fox News crowd when all they do is attack people but get all defensive and shit over a comment. Geesh this shit gives Rush Limbaugh a hard on.

  27. Shane, the fact that you will write “the n word” but still think saying retarded is okay tells me that I don’t even need to waste my time talking to you. You don’t have a clue. You think you do, but you don’t.

    You missed my whole point, and I never said a word about politics until someone else started saying that it was “the Republicans” who got upset over this. What a load of shit.

    Whitney? I’m sorry, did I miss something? Obviously your superior intellect has outmatched me, because I’m not sure what the hell you are even talking about.

    You call yourself a liberal, and yet you think it’s okay to demean a completely helpless population. Yet you defend women, gays, and people of other races. This is so odd to me.

    You know what? Piss off. I don’t really care what you think, because I can tell from your banter that are about as ignorant of this issue as it gets. The point was that someone who champions themselves as a human rights advocate can be so insensitive. It was about how if she had used “the n-word,” she would already be in hiding somewhere. Now we’re talking about politics, and, apparently, Whitney Houston.

  28. Jelanismom:

    You made an excellent point. Calling someone like me noble is the biggest crock of crap I’ve ever heard. It’s not about that.

    If a comedian always used racial slurs and derogatory remarks, then all you could ever do is avoid seeing or hearing that comedian. (Remember Andrew Dice Clay?) But when someone makes a name for themselves defending minority groups, it sucks when they makes comments like this. I love that no one gets it. I love that no one gets how hearing that word is just as offensive to disabled kids as “the n-word” is to an African American. Instead, you get called out for “not being able to take a joke,” and accused of being a “Republican”–a great insult to some. It’s all just smoke screen because there is no excuse for the real point. She screwed up, now she has to deal with it.

  29. Margaret, I am the mother of a child diagnosed with autism. your apology was beautifully and thoughtfully written. Truly can see your heart coming through it and that made you even more vulnerable to additional criticism. As if none of us hasn’t made comments about complete strangers. Let’s be honest folks – if you are still criticizing Margaret after she has made this heartfelt apology, you need to take a look at your own heart. Hurt people hurt people, so take care of your hurt before you hurt again. And Margaret, as someone who has learned how much her own body needs to be loved and nurtured, and in her own words, is a protector and champion for others, I think maybe it’s time for you to prayerfully consider adopting a special needs child. Children diagnosed with autism especially can be recovered given time, love, therapy and biomedical intervention. We know, we are doing it! Blessings to your future family from ours.

  30. @Janice. I’m gay. I don’t watch Fox News. I’m a Democrat. I was a long-time fan of Cho. And I have a mind of my own. You are right…Shane is wrong…and a huuuuuuuuuge douchbag. I think it’s time to give it up when a Whitney reference has somehow made its way into the argument. Cho has made her name defending minorities, as you stated, and it’s a damn shame that she’s been pulling the wool over our eyes this whole time. I’ve grown up around the differently-abled. They are fantastic, warm, and inspire me to do better. These die-hard Margaret fans are embarrassing, pathetic, and so closed-minded that it makes me want to puke. Save your breathe, and hope that they soon make a Glee episode to educate these fags, dykes on the topic.

  31. Yes, I’m a duchebag because I don’t fault someone for one, not wanting a future child to have difficulties, and two used crass words to get that point across. Note: @Brandon and @Janice I’m not even that big a fan of Cho’s and caught this blog as a lark. I don’t think that either of you claim to be who you say you are. I think you’re a phony couple of people claiming to be liberal, non Fox watching radicals. And really I used the words retarded…not retard…to get the reaction I got and to show that you aren’t what you claim to be. And if you are gay Brandon it must be old gay, like Old Troll Gay. Because there’s nothing about your post that would make me think otherwise.

    And since the Whitney Houston comment was off of Janice’s comment about “The Voice” and you didn’t get I know you’re not gay.

    Again*sigh* if this was the firestorm you are making it out to be and it’s only reported on Fox News…then how did you know about this blog? Either you’re a liar and heard about it on Fox or you’re a bigger Cho fan than you let on. And if that’s the case why the hell wait till now to bitch about her? I mean damn it’s not like she held back with her words over the years.

    I think thou dost protest too much.

  32. @Shane. I’m 30. 31 this September. I tuned in to Watch What Happens Live to see Cho’s appearance. I normally do not watch. I was shocked and disappointed. I hate talent shows i.e. The Voice. I suck dick. But you can call me pretend gay if you feel that makes your point more valid. I’d rather be my kinda gay than yours.

  33. @Brandon I don’t know why. You’re kind of gay seems like it’s way too tight assed. But if the only thing you do is suck dick then I can see why you are the way you are. You have less time for sex and more time for hating on a comedian for making a comment and then apologizing for it.

    My kind of gay is a hell of a lot more fun. Ha.

  34. I sure would love a link to the show to get proper context, but it’s clear Cho’s comments offended.

    Some have accepted her apology, some with conditions, other continue to beg/bully/prod for another pound of flesh.

    I think there’s plenty here to get the point across that many are disappointed with Cho’s choice of words.

    But seriously? Repeated posts just starts to make the rest of us extremely bored and want to point at your naval gazing.

    Want to show TRUE disappointment? Then don’t watch Cho’s shows, don’t buy tickets, don’t buy her books don’t post anymore on her website. That will get your point across a lot more effectively than brow beating this issue to death.

  35. You most certainly are not sorry.the moment was not unguarded. You said it several times, and you meant it. Andy had to say to you repeatedly not to say it, and both he and Rosie looked at you with uncomfortable indignation. I don’t know what happened at the breaks, bit I have never seen Andy look so uncomfortable and have there subsequent dead air moments, and I am guessing this was because he knew what the fallout would be from your ville hate speech. How would you react if someone said they didn’t want a gay baby, using hate slang in place of gay? I have not been a fan of yours for years simply because you ate not that funny anymore, really you had one good act about your family and life in Hollywood and the rest is crap. But the fans you do have should be ashamed of you.. not to mention the thousands of women like me you hurt who can not have children and would love any child, and knowing that you as a celebrity can just buy one or afford ivf its just so disgusting. If you really want to prove you are sorry then put your money where your foul mouth is and make a large Donation to a reputable organization who treats children with developmental and physical conditions.

  36. Margaret, I just wanted to say that my wife and I love you. We are also trying to have a baby in the twilight years of fertility. I know you would take back the words you used, but you articulated a profound fear that many would-be parents have at our age: That for a variety of reasons–all our own doing, none the fault of our baby–we might inadvertently harm the baby. You could have phrased your thoughts and fears differently but the feeling would be the same. I have enormous sympathy for those with differently abled family members–and this is a group in which I include myself–and, at the same time, I cannot and do not blame you for telling your truth.

  37. Hey Cho bag, you should be apologizing for your shitty career and for having a handful or two of moronic fans who have no taste in comedy.

  38. Your apology sounds sincere. I have 5 adopted children(most now adults) and I was terribly hurt by your remarks. I consider the “R” word the same as a ethnic slur….
    I do believe you tho and therefore accept your apology.

  39. You are one very sick chick if you think this rambling apology makes up for your nasty words. All I can say is think before you speak–each and every time you open your mouth. Also, think before you write anything down on paper or in your blog. For me your apology is too little, too late.

  40. I’m so glad you wrote this post and that I read it. I love your style and as a mom of a daughter who is “retarded” (something I rarely say out loud because she’s so much more than that ugly label) that really felt like a punch in the gut when I heard about your remarks. And at the same time I understood what you were saying because who wants the pain and worry of being a parent to child who is not going to have an easy life. I certainly didn’t when I was pregnant and still don’t and yet here we are. I got the essence of what you were saying but it still stung, as that word always will.

    I appreciate this post so much and love you just as much as ever.

  41. That is one of the most sincere and honest appoligies I have ever heard from a celebrity who has used the r-word. As a father of a young child with DS, I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. We all make mistakes, it is what comes after the mistake that shows who we are.

  42. Thank you… I too have said things that burn my heart when I remember them… and probably will again, and I don’t talk as often or as publicliy as you do… I appreciate your recognition of people who society misunderstands.

    And if you were to have a child who ends up with a disability you may be very surprised by what an amazing experience it ends up being… Not easy… quite intense, but I wouldn’t trade it. My daughter is a great person to know, it is a privilege to be in her family.

  43. Margaret, as a fan and as a mother of the most beautiful girl who happens to have Down Syndrome, I am so relieved that you made a sincere apology. I wasn’t buying the standard apology that was published first time, but I knew, you would understand how hurtful your comment was. I do understand why some people are still upset because we don’t want people to be afraid of children with special needs. I truly feel blessed to have my special girl. Disability is natural! As a human rights activist, you must know that fear comes from ignorance. I highly recommend you to be involved in some events for people with disabilities. Look for the local Special Olympics or Miracle Leagues. There are tons of opportunities to get involved. I promise you. Once you get to know them, it’ll change your life!

  44. As the mom of a perfect little 11 month old boy who happens to have Down syndrome, I accept your apology if you indeed wrote it yourself and if it came from the most sincere corners of your heart. I was in my 40’s when I gave birth to Trent who was diagnosed at 3 days old with Down syndrome. If there is one thing that I could say to you about your fears of having a child that faces different circumstances it would be that you have nothing to fear. People with Down syndrome are the most perfect people who walk this earth. They love unconditionally and without limits, always think of others before themselves, strive to make others happy and have no understanding whatsoever of bigotry or hate towards others. We should all strive to be more like them. God BLESSED my family with Down syndrome when Trent was born and we are thankful for that every single day. I’m a better person because my son with Down syndrome taught me how to be. I would welcome another child with Down syndrome into my heart and my home without thinking twice about it.

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