Whitney Houston

I love this. It’s Whitney Houston’s first tv appearance.

Whitney’s nervous, I think, but that doesn’t affect her performance in the least. She looks perfect, her nerves just adding to her innocence and vulnerability.

I remember my first television appearance. It was MTV’s half hour comedy hour. The makeup artists had to mix a new foundation because they didn’t have one that readily matched my skin tone. There were comics in the audience, actively wishing me ill on stage, their jealousy overcoming their good will and friendship.

Also, there was a weird guy who date-raped me when I was 14 in attendance but I didn’t see him until the show was over, although I doubt it would have affected my performance to know he was there or not there. I didn’t care about that. Comedy was way more important and doing a good set was all that mattered. When I saw him later, drunk and stumbling down the steps, I thought ‘how do I know that guy?’ and then later I shouted “Oh! He raped me!” to no one in particular.

I was nervous, but it only added to my innocence and vulnerability. I was much fatter than Whitney is here, I might have been at least 2 and ½ times her size! But that doesn’t mean much. I was beautiful. Stunningly beautiful and funny and bright as a brand new star. People called me comedy’s answer to Madonna, which was then the absolute highest compliment.

Madonna has done far more for the gay community than any singular artist. And so I learned from her example and I keep going for it just like she did.

And whitney was far more talented than anyone. She leaves us all, even the exceptional ones, in the wake of her, coughing up her dust. She was the best, and nothing will ever change that.

3 thoughts on “Whitney Houston

  1. Nerves are funny things. My nerves tale over and I’m a bumbling idiot. Maybe that’s why I don’t take chances and get on a stage.

    It sounds like you have come a long way with things that have happened to you.

  2. i loved earlier madonna before i recognized that collaborations with her would be horrible and intercultural dialogue would be about as interesting as visiting urban decay in detroit as a sign of u.s. progress without innovation but relying on plagiarism. thanks for the note margaret.

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