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“I’m definitely a standup comic. That’s what I’ll always be. And that’s the work I do that really is what defines me,” she says. “Everything else is wonderful and part of it, but I identify as a standup comedian. That’s where I come from and where my livelihood comes from most of the time, but it’s also where my joy comes from. All the writing I do or the journalism I do or the music I do is still comedy to me. To me, it’s really the same. I don’t feel like I want to cross over. That would be weird. I love being a comic. The whole point is to not be taken seriously!” Read more here.


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  1. Bisexuality does *not* say anything about believing that there are only two genders. The “bi” part refers to two sexes, not two genders. You, of all people, know that sex and gender are not the same thing. As a bisexual person, I’m really fucking sick of hearing about how I can’t identify as what I am because it reinforces the gender binary. It does no such thing.

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