Margaret Cho on The Mortified Sessions – Monday Jan. 2nd on Sundance!

Margaret will be on The Mortified Sessions on Sundance on Monday, January 2nd – 8pm!

From Huffington Post TV: On Sundance Channel’s “Mortified Sessions,” celebrities reveal their dirty laundry. From how they learned about sex to childhood crushes, they’re not holding anything back. On the upcoming new episode, “Suburgatory” star Cheryl Hines and comedienne Margaret Cho are next to spill their secrets.

For Cho, realizing she wasn’t white was a shock.

“When I was maybe six, I was really angry that I was not white. When I realized I wasn’t white I was so furious … I still have deep fantasies about being white — it must be so relaxing to be white. I wish I could go to the spa and just be white for an hour,” she said.



Video Clip of M Cho on Mortified Sessions

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