The Gayest “Dancing With the Stars” Yet

Selene Luna and I got all dressed up and went to the premiere of Dancing with the Stars last night to watch the gayest season yet. You have the incredible Carson Kressley, the adorable Chaz Bono and the beautiful Ricki Lake all competing and I really think it is going to be a disco bloodbath. It’s fag-on-trans-on-fag-hag-violence. There is so much GLBT happening I can’t believe there isn’t a leather contingent. Who’s gonna go home with the mirrorball trophy? Don’t ask!!! Don’t tell!!!

Closest to my heart is Chaz, who is the first transman I have seen on mainstream television, and he was great. There is so much controversy surrounding him, and I don’t understand what it is about. He’s bonafide Hollywood royalty – it doesn’t get more legit than Sonny and CHER, he’s got the moves – what is the problem? Why does homophobia reach into people’s lives where their very participation in LIFE becomes a controversy? Why are people mad about a transman being on tv? I am mad when transgendered people are NOT on tv. Why shouldn’t they be on tv? It’s called fucking “TV.”

I was elated to see Chaz on the dance floor, and the judges gave him lots of wonderful feedback on his performance. He’s also got the hotness as a partner. Selene and I were simply freaking out over the hypnotic power of Lacey Schwimmer’s ass. I have been trying to grow my own ass like hers but it isn’t working. I need to plant some ass seeds. What is marvelous is that Lacey’s outgoing personality and Chaz’s sweet shyness blend well – together they are absolutely gorgeous and I hope they go far. I loved Carson Kressley’s performance too. He had on the most unexpected shade of brown I had ever seen, almost a burnt sienna, a very 70s instant coffee with brandy brown, and he and Anna seemed to have the most fun of all. I think to be successful on the show, you need to be who you are, and Carson was completely Carson and that is the best. Ricki Lake was a beautiful dancer, and I love her classically perfect face glowing as she was gliding across the floor in her ballroom shoes.

I really don’t want to see anyone go home, just because it is so fun to watch television, and feel included. When I see Chaz, Carson and Ricki I feel like I am in the game somehow too (I was in the game but went home early). I wonder if anyone is going to go hard like me – I got voted off after wearing the rainbow flag and dancing to Barry Manilow, but I feel like I primed the yellow brick road for this season of DWTS, which is it’s gayest yet and that is saying a lot. I will be back to watch from the audience as much as I can – to show support and love and also because this is my big heavyweight championship/superbowl/world series rolled into one. Can’t wait!

24 thoughts on “The Gayest “Dancing With the Stars” Yet

  1. I so hope they show it here in Australia. Love your opening paragraph, LMAO! All they needed to round out the cast was Lady Bunny or RuPaul. Maybe next time. Love ya work xoxoxox

  2. Ooo gurrrrr. I forgot Carson was on! I just got really excited. I miss him so much, where has he been?

    Anyway, go Chaz! Your mamma is CHER and it does not get anymore real than that.

  3. Loved reading this. You have totally articulated all of my sentiments regarding the controvery of Chaz being on the show. I love you, Margaret!

  4. It’s ridiculous to me that because people don’t understand that Chaz is a man, they feel the need to be critical and hateful and make a stink about him dancing?! Come on!

  5. Sometimes I do feel we are still in the dark ages…. All the judgement people are doing in Chez choice of life makes me sick..” Please I do not ask that you accept me but please respect me” This is said by a transvestite friend of mine… Why can’t people just respect other people’s sexual options? Whatever I do inside my bedroom in my bed is my business. I have to say it takes lots of courage to do what Chez did. More people are coming out and more and more we hope one day we will have a more equal society. Where we will not have kids committing suicide because they were bullied in school by classmates because they were gay. By the way Chez did great Congratulations!!!!

  6. Chasity sucks dancing as a man or woman, take your pick. And you like gays and the like on the show because you are gay. There are a big slice of america that don’t care for this on tv and the shows ratings will reflect this. My wife finally got a clue when we were driving thru california and my 5 year old daughter saw 2 guys kissing in public and started asking questions. To me that can have an affect on a child just like being molested as a child. Starts many problems and ideas going thru theirs heads way before they need to. Why can’t gays be happy doing their thing behind closed doors? We don’t give a hoot what you do!

  7. Stop saying “transman”, as if we’re some sooper-speshul ButchPlus / NotARealMan™.

    You are really no better than those who insist on continuing to refer to him in the feminine when you do that.

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