Garrison Starr’s New Record

My good friend and frequent collaborator Garrison Starr is working on a new album. We were in the studio last week and she played me some of it and it’s amazing!!! Please check out this video – it’s really awesome and I think everyone should help her out!

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R.I.P. Amy Winehouse

I am sad to hear about Amy Winehouse. It’s really awful. I didn’t know her, but I loved her music, and her incredible voice, and although she was very young, her eyes looked out from an ancient soul. That deep, rich well of sadness where she drew her startling contralto from, the dark depths of her humor and tragedy – seemed like it had been Read More

Sexting with Sherry Vine

Here’s my latest collaboration with the amazing Sherry Vine! We recorded this song separately in New York and Atlanta with the awesome DJ Gomi. It still sounds very intimate though, as if we were right next to each other in bed! I love it and the beat is a real Barry White/70’s funky slow jam. This is a summer hit!

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Weight Loss and What Trainers Don’t Prepare You For

I’ve been working out hard and watching my diet for several months now, and I am doing well. I enjoy exercise and it’s one of the few moments that I get to have to myself during a busy day. It’s not really so much about changing the way that I look as opposed to changing the way that I feel. My back pain has become Read More

Cho Dependent screening at NewFest – NYC


After three exciting screenings in Honolulu (at the Rainbow Film Festival), San Francisco (at the Frameline Festival) and Los Angeles (at Outfest) we are honored to bring Margaret’s new concert film, “Cho Dependent,” to NewFest in NYC on July 22nd!

Filmed during a live performance at the Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia, “Cho Dependent” features Margaret’s uncensored uproarious views on sex, Read More

Cho Dependent 3 Day Sale – Pay What You Want!

Margaret is having a 3-day sale of her Grammy-nominated album, “Cho Dependent” and you can name your own price!

The “Sexting Bundle” includes the entire Grammy nominated album, plus 2 bonus tracks (“No Offense” and “Mazel Tov” – both featuring Garrison Starr). If you like what you hear, tell your friends: if 500 people participate in Read More