Margaret will be riding in the LA PRIDE parade on June 12th and is looking for 50 fans to march with her and help get the word out about the upcoming release of “Cho Dependent.”

If you’re at Cho Ho who is interested in marching with Margaret in the parade, and you’re available on June 12th in Los Angeles, please send an email with your name, phone number and t-shirt size to: and someone will get back to you with instructions.

We only have room for 50 fans, so first come first serve!

12 thoughts on “Calling All ASSMASTERS

  1. I’m one of your biggest (and raddest) fans! Plus I live in your hometown, but want to represent a little SF in LA PRIDE!

    Congrats on the Grammy nomination. Hellz yeah!

  2. I would love to march with Cho! My name is Joe Omar Gonzales, 323-336-5505, xxx large or 3xlarge… this is exciting!

  3. I’m a professional live swimming MERMAN who can RIDE on a float or on whatever means of transport in the parade as I have a tail and NO LEGS with which to march.

    I am not booked for June 12th and will keep it open if you can use me. Pictures for your consideration are available in my MERPRNCE album here on FACEBOOK.

    contact#: 714-396-4576

    T-shirt size: Medium

  4. Margaret! Please stop stalking me and asking me to march in the pride parade with you! I know, I know, it would be great PR for you to be seen with me, but that restraining order I took out on you, when you were here in Michigan, prevents me from marching with you……But if you really insist I guess I can lift that order and meet you in LA. Size xxx just like that hottie Vin Diesel and my penis size. Mark is the name – but you know that already- stalker! Phone # is 616-780-2792. : ) Love you!!!

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