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Victoria Jackson came by the set of “Drop Dead Diva” a couple of days ago, BEFORE that crazy interview on HLN and we were all super excited to meet her. I had been a fan from her SNL days. I had always thought of her as a kind of modern Judy Holliday, blonde and bunny adorable, the kind of girl made for marabou slippers and silk charmeuse dressing gowns. I liked her hair messy in ribbons and the wide wise but smarty-playing-dumb look in her eyes.

It’s super upsetting to see how homophobic and hateful her views are. What a surprise!! She was really nice in person, and told me that I had inspired her to get tattooed! That made me feel great for a whole day! I can’t tell you how disappointing it was to see her actually hold up the bible and shake it. You know there’s something wrong when someone is holding up a bible and shaking it! I mean, God talk doesn’t freak me out. I was raised in the church. But the God that I believe in isn’t about hating gays and shaking the bible and being outraged about the appearance of innocent teenage affection on “Glee.” God is all about acceptance and tolerance and love of all kinds.

Was Victoria Jackson always super conservative and we just didn’t know it? What the hell??? People are surprising, especially here down south. You can get along with someone, have laughs with them, admire them, really have some good connection on a human level, and then they shake a bible in your face and it’s OVER. Why don’t these ‘Christians’ understand that gays and lesbians and queers are HUMAN BEINGS????? We need to have our stories told, just like everyone else. It’s not perverse and it’s not obscene. It’s LOVE. This is what makes the world go round. Love is for all people, not just straight ‘Christian’ conservatives. In fact, we need to see more gay love stories on television, because we have had to hide them for so long – especially involving the younger generation, who need visibility and support and guidance and advice and attention. “Glee” is the greatest thing to happen to gay kids, and I cry when the show bravely tells their truth, time and time again. I hate to say I am no longer a Victoria Jackson fan, which hurts because she’s really cute – but homophobia kills my boner for someone every time.

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  1. Yes, actually, she has always been conservative and anti-gay. I was heartbroken when I heard that a few years ago, because I had loved her in SNL…..

  2. I’m right with you on this Margaret. When Victoria was on SNL I too believed she was doing mock-stupidity, and doing it brilliantly. It became aware a few years ago that she was an arch conservative and immediately found it more difficult to enjoy her work. The offensive homophobia she has been expressing of late is just more disheartening proof that she is not at all the person I had wanted to imagine her to be.

    Thanks for saying it aloud. Thanks for all that you say aloud.


  3. She always made me laugh, but yes, when she pulled out that bible my jaw dropped and the first thing that came to my mind was “Wow, she needs help.” Margaret, you are awesome. From time to time, I look for your vids when I see intolerance in the news to help balance out the hurt and all the anger imposed by others. Not to look away and pretend it’s not happening, but to be reminded that there is kindness and compassion, not to mention humor in the world. You see the bigger picture, you know it and live it. Thank you.

    With love,

    Sam Roderick

  4. I’m in total agreement, Margaret. I loved Jackson’s ditzy persona and the broad-comedy silliness she gave us on SNL. Now, sadly, I must disavow my affection for the closed-minded, hateful, and stupid woman she has revealed herself to be. That bit about lying to kids about a new STD? WTF? Apparently, the sane are now officially in the minority in this country, at least as far as access to the airwaves is concerned.

    Thank you for your open heart and open mind. If you were a straight guy, I would have SUCH a crush on you right now. Rock on, baby girl. And keep bathing the world in your awesomeness.

  5. I was really upset to find out she was so hate-filled as well. I was born and raised in the south and I know all too well what you are talking about. My daughter makes straight As in school so I let her wear whatever she wants and do her hair how she wants and because she likes the black clothes and purple/blue/pink hair an older lady came up and grabbed her arm in the store the other day and started yelling in her face about how she needed to know Jesus. I seriously thought I was going to have to call the police to get her to let go of her. My daughter was terrified of this woman. They are all bible-thumpity-shake-it-in-your-face down here, that’s for sure. Luckily my mom (who is gay and in a committed relationship for 18 years now) taught me how to deal with folks like that at an early age 😉

    It’s always a shame to find out someone you admired is not what they seem. And I agree with your stance, it should always be about love and never fear!

  6. I saw a video yesterday where Victoria Jackson was defending her blog post (and waving her bible). I, too, went from a fan of this once-favorite SNL cast member to someone who was greatly disappointed.

    I think Bill Maher said it best in his movie Religious when he thanked a group that took the time to talk to him (not preach at him) by saying, “Thank you for being Christlike and not just Christian.” I am surrounded by many God-loving people who do not condemn others, they only love and support them.

    I can say, “Amen” to that! Thanks for the post Margaret (and for being a strong voice for equal rights)!

  7. I have always had a problem with cafeteria Christians who pick and choose what they believe we should follow out of the bible. Didn’t she work on the sabbath for many years? Should we gather together and stone her to death? And whenever people preach on about Saddam and Gomorrah, they seem to leave out the part where after Lot escaped with his daughters, they were given divine instructions to get him drunk, sleep with him, and have his children. So being gay is something to be killed for but having your father’s children is ok? And lastly, I remember watching Victoria, who I used to really like, on Celebrity Fitness Club. After all the bullying she took from her father about her weight, how can she bully anyone else. So very disappointed in her. And a HUGE thank you to you Margaret for all you have done for the GLBT community. Love you!

  8. tattoos are mentioned as naughty in the Bible too. as well as eating pork and shellfish. And women speaking their minds is all kinds of wrong too, if you actually read the Bible, lol.
    I’m secretly hoping her airhead tea-party schtick is just an act, to make right-wingers look stupid, ala Betty Bowers, but she’s probably 100% genuine, sadly.

  9. I think her views are reprehensible, but you have to admit, Victoria Jackson waving a bible and saying “they are trying to ram the gay thing down our throats” is comedy gold! I wonder how many times Vicky had a gay thing rammed down her throat that she had decided it was a bad thing..?

  10. Margaret I hope that you aren’t saying that all people in the south get to know you and then wave a bible in your face and try to beat Christ into you. I think the south gets a bad rap that we are all a bunch of bible beatin’ rednecks out to smite gays and put Conservatives in the White House. As a gay from the deep south (Alabama), I think most people in the south are tolerant of homosexuality and don’t want to “beat” the gay out of someone. Are people in the south spiritual? Hell yes they are. But to say or infer that people in the south wave bibles and call people sinners is not all true. And if this is the only part of the south that you have seen, then where the Hell have you been going or where are your tour managers etc taking you. Anyway, love you and what you stand for…come to the south more and give us a chance. We aren’t all ignorant and bare-foot.

    Take Care.

  11. I just don’t get her.. how can anyone in the entertainment industry have a bad thing to say about gay people?
    It’s either a PR move to get work or she is the new Anita Bryant waiting for a pie in the face.
    Time to put down the Bible and back away from the Tea Party.. God LOVES all his children no matter what!

  12. It really saddens me too about Victoria since I was a huge fan growing up….but it also royally pisses me off…I mean wait ….it was ok for her to play the slut on SNL…HELL, even to do a lil nudity in the film “Casual Sex” where she plays the “good slut”, but what amazed me is that she used the phrase (I’m paraphrasing here) “Well now, here’s one more show my kids can’t watch” Now not being a fan of Glee myself I may get a few facts wrong , and please correct me if I do…. but the show was ok when it involved a straight girl who banged 2 (or maybe 3) guys and got knocked up by them, but the 2 gay boys in love sharing a tender little kiss makes the show just positively SATANIC ! ya know? I can handle the’s the hypocrisy that makes me wanna hit in in the puss with a pie a’la Anita Bryant.

  13. M/ You are the best and I wash everyone shared your perspective on just about everything.

    Miss you here in Ptown,

  14. I was FLOORED watching that interview on HLN. I had never really followed her in the past but was excited about seeing her interview because of SNL.
    The chicken shit of it all with her was when I watched half the interview, I found myself looking for her on Facebook or somewhere to send her a message asking why she was such a dumbass. Her FB and Twitter pages/accounts were dark black links that would not let you do anything. I did send her a message, but I really wanted to do it public, you know like she did.
    Dabling in the public eye myself, I usually let people have their thoughts and voice them with out question, but the anger in her voice and eyes as well the way that she shook the Bible was almost disrespectful. As much as my Baptist upbringing would agree with what she was saying I think my Grandmother rolled in the grave a couple times as she shook the Bible.
    Even writing this I feel my face turning colors as in my mind I see her shaking the Bible in anger, God’s Holy Word!
    She belongs on a street corner yelling at drunks (like me) with her Bible shaking, so I can pray it rains, and as she raises the Bible like that, I splash her as I drive by in my car. (I did that by accident already to another downtown, roadside preacher, yes in the South and the Bible was not harmed by me with water.)
    I am so glad that your entry brought this up, I have not heard the buzz and I thought it was just me.
    Victoria if you read this there is a small church in East Tennessee that needs you! Notice I said SMALL.

  15. Rob, why can’t Margaret me the person you’d be straight for? Everyone should have at least one person they’d be gay or straight for. Mine is Margaet Cho. If she were available I’d totally hit that, and I’m married to a man. Meanwhile, my husband says Victoria Jackson is the woman he would be gay for, meaning if she were the last woman on earth, he would totally go for a man, you know, in case the stupid rubs off.

  16. Thanks for posting this Margaret. I think you hit the nail on the head when you said love is for everyone and that gays/lesbians are Human Beings! You have a lovely mind and I have been a fan since I saw your first stand up show on Comedy Central. Keep up the good work!

  17. BRAVA! Well said! You know, the whole IT GETS BETTER campaign is great to help young gay people who feel they are alone. Here I am, 49, been in a relationship with a man for nearly 25 years, and legally married for nearly three of them, but because of that LEGAL WEDDING….I have lost my family. Sure, they loved my partner – he was always something they had hoped their son would have been – a great wage earner and stabile, not too dramatic. But then we got married all the time they are becoming addicted to FOX NEWS and GLENN BECK. I try to explain to my father via email that ADVERTISERS are leaving GLENN BECK in droves. He tells me to stop sending him garbage. They tell me I am lazy, because my day job closed puttting me on unemployment and acccording to FOX NEWS anyone on unemployment is SIMPLY LAZY. And for two years it was THE CATHOLIC CHURCH DOES NOT APPROVE OF GAY MARRIAGE….well, one night, on PAIN MEDS FOR A DOG BITE, I made a list of EVERYTHING THEY DID that the Catholic Church would not APPROVE OF….my sister’s three divorces and living in sin with Man #4, my mother’s lesbian affair, my father KILLING OFF (mentally) HIS SISTER because he didn’t get any of his late father’s inheritance after his sister had taken their father in to care for (“I NO LONGER HAVE A SISTER NAMED JOAN. SHE IS DEAD TO ME”) WOW….such a PERFECT CATHOLIC FAMILY. And my Dad calls me LAZY….I used to be the remote control… He would scream for me from across the house JOHN COME IN HERE QUICK….then ask me to change the channel on the TV before remotes were invented. And, they won a BOAT and moved out to LAKE HAVASU…it sits in their garage…collecting dust along with 7 bikes they have won. AND THEY CALL ME LAZY? Sitting in a Church on Sunday makes them no more Catholic than sitting in their garage makes them an unused boat. I used to tell friends that THEY DISOWNED ME….they insist I say I DISOWNED THEM.

    We must call out these HYPOCRITS like Victoria Jackson, who should take a knife to her own throat because she violates the sin of GLUTTONY…not to mention that she too is an ADULTRESS, according to the Bible, for her three marriages.

    Everytime there is someone pointing a finger at you….there are three fingers pointing back at that person!


  18. what little respect I had for Victoria (minimal only because I knew very little about her) disappeared when I found out how utterly stupid and hateful she really is.

    honestly and seriously–I pity that woman. I really do.

  19. She’s get married to Melissa Etheridge on the Golden Gate Bridge if it meant someone would give her an acting role that doesn’t involve a home video camera.

    She’s awful on screen AND off. Fox News is the only place that doesn’t ask “Who are you again?”.

    Margaret, on the other hand, is amazing.

  20. I agree with you!
    I, too, am a former Victoria Jackson fan. Homophobia and closed-minded bible shaking weirdo’s totally make me . . . sick!
    The Bible I grew up with said “Judge not.” That same bible she was shaking also allows women to be stoned to death if a man deems it necessary.

  21. Great post! I too was so excited to see a positively portrayed gay love story on Glee!

    I think she was always crazy and we just didn’t know it. It isn’t just gay people she fears, but muslims and anyone who isn’t exactly like her as well.

    About a year ago she wrote a ridiculous fear-mongering song on the ukulele about the president called “There’s a Communist Living in the White House”:

    I’m a ukulele player and cannot comprehend how she could utilize a happy little instrument to espouse such hate and fear. I mean, shaking her bible is one thing, but don’t ever tread on the uke, man!

  22. Gee, It’s funny how Victoria Jackson, has such a huge problem with the same sex kiss on “Glee” last week, due to her Bible Believing Upbringing, BUT, It was SO okay that she was in the movie “Casual Sex” back in 1988. Stop being a hypocrite. Two Young men on television falling in love & kissing is “sickening”, But, “Screwing” everyone in sight in a movie is the Christian way. Victoria, go back to where you have been these last 15 years, no one has missed you and your “sickening” comments are about as welcome as you are.

  23. I never knew that this was her viewpoint. I honestly thought that when I first read her comments, that she was trying to make a point of how mean-spirited the latest rockers are for hating on “Glee.” I thought she was trying to make an extreme and stupid point, to show the rockers how wrong they are for turning their backs on this amazing show. How sad to know that there was no strategy or “false” hate in her message, that is what she truly believes!

    It’s such a tragedy when people use the Bible to justify hate. They might as well be spitting on it. People like her give Christians such a bad name. I love God and I choose to love everyone; rather than hating those who hate, I just pray for them to find the grace in their hearts that they hope to find when they meet their maker.

  24. Thanks Margaret! You are some kind of awesome, and expressed so clearly how I feel about Victoria Jackson. I am not gay myself, but half my friends and or family is, and I swear it must be god’s plan to save the human race from overpopulation. Kidding! The gays I know who are parents are exemplary. Their children are healthy, well-adjusted and wise. Couldn’t ask for more. Jodi, I die laughing. My husband says he could prob do Victoria if one, he were blackout drunk, and two, if she were mute.

  25. I respect and adore you, Margaret. You could have torn Victoria a new asshole, but you took the high road and still told the truth. I, too, was disappointed to learn that someone I previously respected and admired is actually a homophobic bible-beater. I could accept her point of view if it wasn’t grounded and drenched in hatred. Personally, I believe if you call yourself a Christian, then you should be Christ-like. That means being forgiving, loving, peaceful and accepting of all your brothers and sisters.

  26. I don’t think love makes the world go round, but, I do think it makes the ride worthwhile. homophobia is a BIG turnoff for me as well. i was hoping it was a joke. But, I hear she was a closeted Christian Freak! Dear God, Please, protect me from your followers!
    ~ Nikki

  27. Sorry, we can’t listen to anyone who has cheat notes for her own “thoughts” on her fucking hand in an interview. 1:32 her hand goes up with crib notes for her own fucking thoughts? Who is that retarded that they can’t remember their own opinions. Oh yeah, people who don’t have their own thoughts and just regurgitate Tea Party bullshit. The only person who gets a boner from her is Sarah Palin.

  28. VJ also said that Muslims hate God, & I heard that she is a Tea Party follower & believes that Obama wasn’t born in America. Talk about believing whatever she hears on Fox News! I was saddened to hear that she’s a wacked out conservative too. I used to watch her on SNL.

  29. I think Jesus would be happier with your blog post than with Victoria Jackson’s interview.

    For many people, myself included, Jesus’ main message is about love and acceptance. Love one another…which is something I hope we can do no matter what religion, creed, sexual orientation, monetary status, whatever we all follow.

  30. It’s funny (strange) that when I first saw the headline involving Victoria Jackson being upset with the kiss on Glee I thought “it can’t be the same Victoria Jackson from SNL…” so I went to check it out and then upon seeing that it was, the entire time I kept expecting it to switch and for everyone to declare that it was a joke/prank…never thought that it was true and that she was being serious!

    I’ve never been a huge fan of hers because I’ve always been annoyed with women (people) playing stupid but assumed it was just an act…now I realize that it isn’t an act and I’m even less of a fan.

    So happy that Glee has provided the TV viewing world with two solid gay characters for gay youth to identify with…it’s about time!

  31. FUCK Victoria Jackson’s miserable, misguided, pointless life.

    When will people, like that ignorant bitch, LEARN that watching a gay couple kiss can not make people gay any more than watching violence on the news makes you a murderer.

    God is love, respect and acceptance. He is not hate, intolerance and ignorance. Instead of shaking the Bible at people and spewing your stupidity in His name, shove it up your ass instead- it will make more sense.

  32. She is such a hypocrite. She hates gays becasue the bile tells her so but yet, she has a tattoo, whcdih her lovig god prohibits. Another useless bible toting hypocrite.

  33. This is also why I do not understand GLBT christians. Other than the church gays create out of need. Why would you fight to be somewhere that has no desire for you to come and share. I went all the way back to my roots. Witchcraft is open today to more GLBT people than any other practice or faith. The idea that there is a goddess and a god make much more since to me. And we have way to much fun. I stay away from hate as often as possible. No need for it in my life. Move on , Lean Forward and find a new way.

  34. I am a Christian. The Scriptures tell me that Jesus called all those who were incorrectly deemed “lesser” people: fishermen, women, tax collectors…If I follow Jesus’ lead, I not only befriend everyone regardless of who they are or what they believe or how they love, but I will most likely find the most special, rockin’ people by doing so.

  35. Margaret your words said it all. Unfortunately people don’t realize that sex is sex, gay or straight. Alot of ‘Christians’ misunderstand what it means to be a Christian. I can tell you it’s not about fingerpointing. It wasn’t until I left church that I began to experience my relationship with God. I didn’t feel the love of God in the church. I love in your standup when you say “I want Jesus to come back and say “That’s not what I meant! They need to read the scripture, where it says, in Mathew, chapter four, verse seventeen, it says ‘Shut the fuck up!” I say this as a Christian myself, realizing how I treat people is more important to the Lord than sexuality. One day they’ll know. I’ve followed you for a while. I am a Christian, gay AND active duty military. God bless you, Margaret.

  36. Try being an ex-mormon and hearing this crap everyday of your life. People like Victoria are a dime a dozen here in the great state of Utah. She has always struck me as the kind of person who is nice to your face and when your not there she is talking about you. YUP

  37. It kills me people are more up in arms over a sweet and sexy kiss between two guys, but say nothing about Sue Sylvester punching out the Lt. Governor’s wife. Now that pissed me off.

  38. so… is little miss dumbell married to a scientologist? Crib notes for ur own thoughts- WOW! hey katie holmes don’t stress out tryin to remember wat ur weird creepy hubby told u to say jot it down on ur hand! Bible shakin n science fiction paperback totin bitches god damn. or maybe she’s perma spun from her snl days * her voices tellin her those scrunchies make her look hot* tired ass voices stuck n 1985, don’t make me read u bitch
    Margaret- You are truly wonderful, and hopefully ur big giant heart WILL takeover america

  39. Christians don’t hate gay or lesbian or queer or anyone. We learned the truth from the Word of God that He is against sin of homosexuality, but loves all human beings. I as a Christian love all human beings but just don’t condone the sin of homosexuality as written in the bible. God wants all gay, lesbians, and queers to repent and come clean. It is your freedom to follow that or not, just because one holds one view, it doesn’t mean you have to change what God has taught you as the truth. You may feel one way or another, but it doesn’t change the truth. Remeber God forgives. Christians do not have right to judge anyone for any sin. Margaret, you seem knowledgeable about the bible but you at times don’t seem to really want to know it as God sees, but wants to bend it to fit your lifestyle. God is not about being tolerant or accepting all views. He teaches the truth. We are the one who bent and tweak. Anyway. Margaret God has given you so much talents but are you using it with Him or for Him? I am not judging you but ask you this question. This question I ask myself too. So don’t feel offended in any way. Thanks for reading this.

  40. Guys don’t say God accepts all humans, no. God accepts all humans who repent and wants to accept Jesus as personal LORD and Savior. These two are different. God does not accept sin because he is God of love and justice. People want to just believe God of love, and forget, conveniently about God of justice. Do not do that guys!

    For all of us who repent and change, God is always accepting us because we became His child. Come back to Him all of you……. and Margaret if you are away from God…… far….away…..I hope you are not.

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  42. Watch the 80s episodes of SNL and you’ll see that she really was conservative and a bit sheltered. Most of her Weekend Update skits and poems are mild versions of her modern-day schtick.

    I also happen to believe that Dennis Miller was always conservative, too… He was just playing a liberal on TV during the 80s. Kind of like a reverse Colbert.

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