A Different Kind of Wedding Dress

I love this! Please vote for it in KoreAm’s Kpop video remake contest!

Voting link: http://iamkoream.com/krazykpop/

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From: Elena Chang
Date: Mon, 15 Nov 2010 16:33:03 -0500
Subject: first queer korean remake of a kpop video

hello margaret cho & team !!!

My name is Elena, also a member of Q-Wave (queer women of asian descent for visibility & empowerment)
I contacted Margaret a few years back to have her come to Rutgers University for “Coming Out Day” but she was not able to make it bc of her fierce tour…

First off, I’ve been following Ms.Cho for quite some time, and just wanted to say how pleased I am to see such amazing growth throughout the years. I’ve also learned to channel my activism through the arts scene as an out Korean-American nyc actress and its inspiring to see how much she has put into showcasing acceptance and visibility on many different layers. With that said I am asking for your support on a project that I’ve been working on that means a lot to me as a queer artist.

There is a kpop phenomenon going on (or rather, Korean/Japanese music video obsession). Our queer take on Taeyang’s “Wedding Dress” made it to the semi-finals in L.A. and has the potential to be selected and screened to be a part of a massive Asian-American Hollywood event. This would be the first ever queer Korean remake of Taeyang’s “Wedding Dress”. As progressive as the community has become, there’s still a lot of work to be done and my goal is to reach audiences to challenge them to question the traditional notion of marriage and recognize that possibility for universal love through this m.v. I would sincerely love to have your support on this and wanted to know if it will be possible to feature the video on your site even for a day to help spread the word. Voting closes this Wednesday and my team is really imploring for our community to help get this queer take on a k-pop video re-make to represent at the ceremony. We are the only lgbt-themed submission in the finals, so it is extremely important for us to show folks that queer love stories CAN EXIST in modern day Asian pop videos. Unfortunately it’s ultimately in the voting process in determining which videos make it to the top.

Here is some information: “a different kind of wedding dress” #3 Part of KOREAM MAGAZINE’S Krazy K-Pop Contest! here is the direct link to the voting page: http://www.iamkoream.com/krazykpop/ produced and directed by: elena chang & sam yim performed by: elena chang, sam yim, and jake choi director of photography/ editor: brian chamberlain Voting will end on November 17th at 6:00pm (PST). You may vote once every 12 hours. Voting ends Nov.17th, Wednesday, and any support would be MOST APPRECIATED! Here’s the link to the video to check out as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rN5rQFGYSk

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  1. @Paul: I don’t think it needed much English, the acting did the job of conveying the message. Although I did appreciate the subtitles near the end.

  2. Oh, wow–this video was beautiful. I suspect I’d have to see the original this is based on to understand the context for the Scissorhands costume, but this was a really great video. Too bad I’m about a year too late to vote!

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