Lice video is out – featuring Ben Lee!

I wrote this song with Ben Lee who I absolutely worship. He helped me so much with the album and I can never thank him enough. He send me the instrumental when I was in Morocco last year, and recovering from a rather mild case of head lice. I didn’t know what the song was yet, but then I thought, write what you know. I know about head lice. I love how the song came out, and Jack Rudy‘s harmonica is a perfect punchline. Thanks to Kevin Avery as the louse!!


The third video from Margaret’s Cho Dependent Album, LICE, featuring Ben Lee and directed by Liam Sullivan!

Want the song? It’s on iTunes here or buy the CD or Vinyl directly from Margaret and get an automatic download of the whole album!

For those in New York, Ben Lee is going to be a special guest on Margaret’s NYC show at the Beacon Theater this Friday, as part of the New York Comedy Festival! Tickets and more info here.

Margaret’s music video for “Intervention,” featuring Tegan and Sara is coming soon! We are working on a few final touches and will be able to post it on Dec. 1st! Stay tuned!

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