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So I broke down and got an iPad. I had been coveting them in The Situation’s, Kyle Massey’s and Jennifer Grey’s hands during DWTS rehearsals. They’d watch videos of dancing, email, play lots of games and it just looked really cool. It’s kind of an awkward looking object because especially in celeb hands, they look like they are about to present an award to someone, or just received one and will now make a speech.

So I got one and now what do I do with it? It will replace my computer on the road, but it already hurts the back of my hands to type on it. I like the trick towel that goes on top of the screen to wipe off the fingerprints but how do you not lose that thing? How do I turn off automatic spelling of words I would rather keep misspelled? Help!

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  1. The first thing I did was fiddle around with the settings, which include the autocorrect options. The second thing I did was get a keyboard for those moments I could actually set the thing down — it’s really the perfect accessory.

    The third thing I did was find a really soft t-shirt to wrap my iPad in, something I’d notice and not forget — you don’t wanna leave your clothes somewhere, good grief, they cost money! It’s good to wipe off smudges, and extra insurance if it’s out of its case.

    Finally, I toodled away and figured out how to get bear porn on my iPad, but that part probably doesn’t interest you so get Angry Birds instead. Or get Scruff if you wanna scope out some mens… just don’t be a muff and try to tease’em

  2. I think I’d rather stick to my Macbook Pro. I hate having to limit my typing speed. The iPad seems pretty sexy though, maybe I’ll get it when the price goes down and I have a big batch of expendable income (not holding my breath for that one, though).

  3. You just have to keep typing it several times because it will nag at you or you can just click the “x” out of the suggested word… It will learn to behave the more often you use it (kind of like a man). Have fun with it though! And I’m sorry I’ll be missing your show this time around (Warner Theater) but I am a very broke college student without a sugar daddy. Alas, your tweets and blogs will have to suffice. You are my hero Miss Cho!

  4. apple has a wireless keyboard and mouse. in the setting of the ipad you can activate the blue tooth and use the keyboard and mouse both are small and light weight i use my ipad for my travel computer and hated the whole tapping on glass and finger prints so i got the keyboard and mouse …. I didn’t think i could love my ipad more but i do

  5. Did you get the official Apple iPad case? The cover folds over to put it at a nice angle for typing. A portable bluetooth keyboard is also another option.

    Love love love my iPad. Welcome to the cult.

  6. Uh, addendum: I meant to say “the special keyboard + dock”, but you’re psychic, you knew that, you know everything — yes, even that. And that. But not that, that’s my no-no spot.

  7. so..I’m torn between busting you for buying the ipad and congratulating you for actually trying it.

    For decent instructions to kill the autocorrect function, go here:

    As for the pain from typing, thats part of the learning curve with the ipad. The way that worked best for me was to put it on an angled laptop cooling pad and keep the cooling pad angled up at like a 45 degree angle.

    Truth be told, the hand pain was the primary reason I ended up giving the ipad back. Well..that and my Droid X really does handle darn near every task i need short of being a portable toilet paper dispenser, making the ipad go by the waysaide.

    Time to pop an episode of Lost in Space in the dvd player now.

    Enjoy your ipad. (Insert evil maniacal laughter here.)

  8. I’m happy with my mini – laptop from gateway. I can’t wait for my 3G Kindle!!

    I can spend alot of time on the ipod. Brent spends hours playing video games on it.

  9. Hi, tap on the “settings” icon and choose General. from there, select Keyboard and look for the setting to turn auto-correction on & off 🙂

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