The Samba

I am proud of our performance on Dancing with the Stars. We danced our collective ass off, represented the community with a fabulous rainbow flag and got a really important message of pride and self esteem across in a very exuberant way. Watching the show back, I actually didn’t notice he mistakes that I made! Perhaps I had learned it wrong to begin with! That might be it. I am not as hard on myself and am enjoying the process more, relaxing into it. Maybe that isn’t the way to go, but I want to have fun and not take it so seriously. Trying to do everything, both dancing and touring is very tough, and I’m so tired beyond anything I have ever experienced before. I felt great when the night was through. My feeling is dancing is a wonderful thing, but if you have a moment where you can tell the world something, something so vitally important that it is bursting out of your heart, you have to. I wanted to call an end to the gay teen suicides. I wanted to reach out to their families, prevent it from ever happening again. We will never heal from this loss, but we can protect our children from now on, strengthening them with messages of pride, loving them as hard as we can, making sure they are strong and happy with themselves and can face anything. I made my moment in the spotlight all about that, and that’s the best dance of all.

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  1. So proud of you Margaret!!! It takes courage not only to dance around on TV infront of millions of people but to proudly stand up for what you believe in is great. You looked fantastic. (PS- I voted 50 time….hehehe).

  2. Margaret, thank you for putting the spotlight on LGBT issues not just last night but throughout your career. We are so lucky to have you!

  3. Margaret, your shout out last night made me cry. I was so impressed with your poise after dancing in that GORGEOUS outfit. I voted a bunch of times and can’t wait to see you next week!

  4. I thought you were awesome, and I cheered when you talked to Brooke before receiving your scores (which were too low in my opinion). The costume was gorgeous too!

  5. Margaret- You are amazing! You dance was fantastic and it is so wonderful that you brought light to the LGBT community. I know that even though you didn’t score as high as others, you have a wonderful following and you will be back next week and the week after, etc. I always look forward to seeing you and watch you dance is great. Thank you so much for everything you do.

  6. We worked really hard with the voting on our end, I don’t know if it will pay off or not and am a bundle of nerves. If you do continue, be prepared for Louis to really push you. As much as you’ll want to relax, he’ll drive you to get you to your optimum.
    He’s a champion. xoxo’s Bun

  7. You were great..You look better every week, Their is some weird judging going on there…but cant worry bout that, Enjoy every minute!!!!…:-)
    Were voting for you here in Hawaii!!!

  8. Margaret, you are sooooo awesome! You are the only reason I’m watching DWTS this season.
    I wish you were wearing costumes that didn’t cover up your ink, though. As a heavily tattooed woman myself, it would be great to see a beautiful, smart, confident, heavily tattooed woman on mainstream television.
    Keep up the great work!!!!

  9. Margaret, you are beautiful. I didn’t notice any mistakes in your dancing either. You just looked like you were having a great time, and I wish I had your moves. I’d vote for you a million times if I could. Thanks for supporting the gay community. We love you.

  10. You rock! Thank you for living your life in alignment with your beliefs. You have done so much for the LGBT community. Last night you risked the criticism of conservative hetero society to get a life saving message out there. Thank you!

  11. Margaret, You Rock! Thanks for being out, speaking out, being passionate, colorful, dancing! Thanks for bringing light in the mainstream for gay teens, and the LGBTQ Community.

  12. I was rooting for you from the start — very sad to see you leave DWTS this evening.

    I think you charmed the pants off alot of folks who were unfamiliar with you prior to the show!

    You were a joy to watch, and I join the others here who THANK YOU for using your voice to advocate ——— you’re wonderful!


  13. I cried a little bit tonight. I’m so sorry that you don’t have a chance to continue showing North America what a good dancer you are. On the bright side, you’ll be able to rest between shows on your tour now 🙂

    You’re incredible, Margaret! You did amazing work on DWTS and you should be proud.

  14. To Margaret Cho, DwtS celebrity elimination of the week: You are defiantly yourself and you are not afraid to take risks. You have the heart and tenacity of a lesbian activist and the balls and courage of a drag queen. We love you, support you, and salute you.

  15. You both danced your hearts out and that was so clear — very sexy dance and my spouse and I celebrate with you!!!!! We saw no mistakes, just your heart and your message. Cheers to you,

  16. Girl, you are the only reason I watched that cheesy-ass show. Your costumes were AMAZING and that first dance blew me away! It was so elegant and then when you pulled out those wings, I was like, “Oh, hell YES!!” You ARE the champions! It was great, and FUNNY. All your performances were great. Last night YOU GOT ROBBED!! Anyway, thank you for your courage and your beauty. You have been making me laugh for a good twenty years which is why I wanted to support you. Plus, I knew it would be an uphill battle for anyone like you in a show this mainstream, but you did SO well!! Keep it up & take care!!

  17. Not to put down any other dancers or their abilities, but you were the reason I decided to watch the show in the first place. Your samba was so vibrant and full of joy. It was a real pleasure to see. I’m not being bitter, but it’s a little sad to me that the current cultural phenom “Jersey Shore” somehow edged out in the votes. Your dance had a beautiful message, and you made it look effortless!

  18. I’m really sorry that you had to leave Dancing with the Stars after a mere 3 weeks. For the past episodes, it had been great fun watching you waltz and jive and samba across the dance floor. I don’t dance myself, but I can totally imagine how terrifying it is to stand before everyone, on a live show, and just dance. I mean, I get the creeps from presenting in front of a couple of teachers. What you did really did courage, and I can see that you put in a lot. As you said, you gave your everything for the dances, and…well, it was a great ride.

    The wings were really…adorable. I was literally staring when they came out. And the jive was so energetic, and the samba. I love your costume <3

    You know…It seems really weird to say this, but there's this story on where you were part of DWtS, and you were dancing with this anime character. It was written 2 years ago, so I was really surprised to find that you were part of the cast.

    It was really sad that the judges had to give you all the nice comments…Carrie Ann said that you are a talented lady, didn't she?…but gave you such low marks. Still, you've managed to leave an impression with us all. An impression different, maybe, from Jennifer Grey, but a deep impression all the same.


  19. I find it interesting that you got the score of 6-6-6 the last two times. Are you Satan’s mistress? Make a deal with the devil Margaret?

  20. Sorry to see you and Louis get bounced last night.
    Having been on the receiving end of bullying (weight, height, brains, and rumors because my premarital name was Gay and adjudicated as such between that and a couple of friends), thanks.

    Much love to you, Margaret, and Louis, and the dogs!

  21. Margaret!! I, too, am so proud of you and thank you for your bravery, tenacity, and joie de vivre! You are an inspiration and I applaud you!

    Looking forward to seeing you the next time you are in Chicago.

  22. You did a great job on DWTS. I was moved by how much you let us see your vulnerable side. You really risked putting yourself out there and I hope you realize how many people you touched by doing that. What a lovely woman you are, both inside and out. I hope you do keep dancing because you ARE a dancer!

  23. 666 is the original goddess number that is far older than our concept of Satan–just thought I’d inform those of you who are stuck in the Judeo-Christian paradigm.
    Having said that, as a fan of the DWTS and an even bigger fan of Ms. Cho, I am seriously CREEPED OUT by ABC and the feeling that there is some conspiracy against gays and progressives in this show (and others–the gay guy on Dance Your Ass Off was consistently UNDERSCORED).
    Now, with anti-stem cell evangelical Kurt Warner and Bristol Palin the Tea Party’s Stepford Goddaughter, I am even more sad to see Margaret leave.
    I think ABC bends over backwards to kiss ass for the right wing.
    And I am PO’d that the judges thought Warner, Palin, Situation, and Henderson to be worthy of higher marks.
    For the record, their routines were consistenly inferior to Margaret’s or equal, not better.
    I also thought judge’s comments to Margaret were unnecessarily cold and critical.
    Thank you, Ms. Cho, for showing real class and grace and for bringing out such beauty in the dance.
    I think you also allowed Louie to shine as he never has before since the dance mafia has called him too technical and lacking heart.
    Together, you gave real heart to the show and will be sorely missed.
    I can only dream about how your partnership would have developed if it had been allowed to continue.
    And props for bringing Wings of Isis onto primetime!
    The world needs more bellydance.
    Maybe you can add back-up dancers to your stand-up routine?

  24. I just watched the video on Youtube – DWTS isn’t broadcasting in Brazil. Regardless the samba or how it’s difficult to dance it (well, in fact it isn’t but somehow i can only dance after some drinks and see, i’m brazilian!), you did the right thing: you did stand up for what you think it’s right and that is amazing.

    So, it’s sad that you were voted off but at least, you danced it with pride and getting the attention to something way more important.

  25. As of Margaret’s elimination, my enthusiasm for Dancing With The Stars has officially waned. To see Bristol Palin supported when Margaret was not makes me sad for our country (something I’ve been experiencing a lot lately, I’m afraid).

    Not gonna watch another episode. Instead, I’ll remember how much fun it was up until Tuesday night. Thanks for the memories. 🙂

  26. Margaret, that dance was truly the most fabulous thing I’ve seen in years. It was so much fun to watch, but the message you sent was more important than the competition, and I’m so glad you told it. Having role models who aren’t afraid to burst onto the dance floor in a rainbow dress and a three-foot headpiece give me hope that some people do care.

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