I Give a Damn

Get involved in the We Give a Damn Campaign against anti-gay bulling in schools at WeGiveaDamn.org

4 thoughts on “I Give a Damn

  1. Thank you again for standing up for our kids, Margaret. I wish someone gave a damn when I was growing up, but I was lucky enough to have good friends. Thank you again for being one of us.

  2. I LOVE YOU Margaret!! You stood up for all of us on DWTS tonight and we appreciate it! Plus – I thought you ROCKED the COPA! 🙂

  3. Thank you so much. I was that kid. I was spit on, beat up, gotten rocks thrown at me, called faggot every day. I was lucky enough to survive my suicide attempts and I give a damn. Thanks again for being a voice for us when sometimes i know i feel that i don’t have much of one. Thank you for using your platform for positivity and action. Much Love and Light.

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