The Jive

We danced so hard last night. My feet are pounding. I can feel my heart beat in them. The satin dance shoes are too narrow for me, so the bands cut into my toes. There are huge blisters. Still, they are getting calloused over, because I am not giving up. I am dancing through.

I loved the jive, and our song “Dreaming” by Blondie is one of my all time favorites. I love Debbie Harry and she inspired me a lot. I thought we did great – and the judges seemed to like it too. It was very intricate choreography. I wanted to hold my breath the entire time as if this would somehow make me do it better. Now we are just waiting to see what happens tonight.

I really want to stay in the competition because our next routine is going to be amazing – we are totally going for a gay pride theme with a fabulous samba! I am sure there will be some crying too – because it’s a serious topic. I am so upset about Don’t Ask Don’t Tell not being repealed, and the everpresent frustration of Prop 8. We need to represent ourselves fighting for equal rights every triple step of the way.

22 thoughts on “The Jive

  1. You were WONDERFUL last night! Amazing! Everything I had hoped to see in your second performance.

    Can. not. wait. for your next dance.

    Keep rocking, you’re doing everything right!

  2. I voted all eleven times for you before I had even seen your performance (oops – no one asked and I still told). I was then blown away by you on the dance floor – you were radiant, and should not fade away. I’m so happy for you – and you definitely deserve to stay.

  3. I thought you guys looked so cute in the pink and zebra outfits! You had such great energy and were such a pleasure to watch.

    I agree with the judges that you should smile more! I’m sure you have a million things on your mind going through the routine and it’s just one more thing to remember- but when you were coming out of turns or something I just wanted to watch you take a breath and give us a big ethereal smile!

    You’re the only one on the show I’m watching. You’re a big inspiration and you’re doing a great job- plus your fans vote!!!


    I loved your jive. I personally thought it deserved better. You and Louis are such a pleasure to watch! I’m really excited to see you next week. I used about a kagillion votes on you to see you there.

    No offense to Mr. Bolton, but I have a feeling he might be going home tonight. He wasn’t that good in his last dance. Didn’t know the judges had three paddles. =-/

    I wish you luck tonight and know whatever happens you have a big fan of your dancing and a new fan in your comedy. GO WIN IT ALL! =-D

  5. I loved your jive with Louis. I think you deserved higher scores. I’m looking forward to seeing that fabulous samba. Remember to smile 🙂

  6. You are the only reason I’m watching this show. Well, maybe a little bit to see The Situation forced to wear those outfits. You are absolutely beautiful and real and inspirational, as per usual. Had I known I could vote 11 times, I would have voted 10 more, but will remember this for next week, and OH, there will be a next week.

  7. I thought the judges’ scores were on the whole fair. You were better in all respects and things are looking up, though — I’m talking technique. Hope Louis will do something about your shoulder popping up. and keeping your center. Samba is a very difficult dance in a very different way from jive. Do you have some time to concentrate on dancing before you go on to the next show stop? You will need it. Lots of luck, too. Keep working at it!

  8. I love you and you were wonderful. Your scores were terribly unfair and TOO low, but I think God is telling you to have fun and BE IN YOUR BODY, don’t check out. Your incredible inner love of who you are and what you do (comedy) is the only sun in the DTWS sky. Let it shine! No more cloudy days.

  9. Hey margaret,

    You did a really good job. Thank God for You Tube so I can watch you and Louis dance all the way in the Netherlands and of course VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!

    I know Louis way back from when we were both ballroom dancing in Holland.
    Big hug to you both and Go Go Go!!!


  10. You did a great job with the JIVE. Loved your performance! Keep up the good work. I’m looking forward to seeing your Gay Pride / Samba routine. Good luck!

  11. I just wanted to tell you that you are the most beautiful performer out there and I consider myself privileged to be able to see you out there doing things I’ve only dreamed of being able to do. Keep doing what you’re doing girl! you’re amazing!

  12. You are great! I want to see your beautiful face every week and you win at the end, even if you don’t win the competition.
    You inspire me!

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