Rehearsing on Tour

I am so exhausted its been hard to write. We have been driving on the bus all night and rehearsing all day – stopping to do shows on The Cho Dependent Tour – it’s incredible. I love the physical benefits – all these weird little aches and pains have been disappearing, because I am moving for the first time. The body is supposed to move, I am understanding this now. I want to keep it up.

The dance this week is hard and fast and I want to do it all the time. I kick out steps in my sleep as the bus rolls on to the next town. I am glad we are out of town because everyone from DWTS is getting sick. We are away from everything and in our own world, which is perfect for me. I am doing the routine in my head, as John Roberts and I lie in bed and watch Jersey Shore (omg this week was incredible with Angelina’s pad! Need to talk to The Situation about that one). I am watching Louis and I dance it over and over on my flip camera. How did we do anything without technology before? I absolutely love my costume. It’s so gorgeous and glamorous. It should win from fabulousness alone.

I am enjoying now the brief silence between the rehearsals and the shows. The interim when you have ordered the pizza and you know it is coming. I am so ready for week 2.

13 thoughts on “Rehearsing on Tour

  1. You are such a beautiful woman, Margaret, both inside and out. Can’t wait for tomorrow night! The jive is such an awesome dance, and I can’t wait to see you and Louis rock it.

  2. I feel so conflicted! I think you danced really really well and want you to WIN….but I also love that you brought humor and your personality to it and want to see MOAAAAR!

    Either way, i’m voting for you all the way.

    much lub

  3. Today will be the second time in my life that I see DWTS, and it’s just because Margaret Cho is competing. Lots of fans are rooting for you to stay in that show until the end. Go girl! Show the world that your body is capable of moving with a rhythm that is graceful, but also fierce, because that’s you. 🙂

  4. I don’t know how you put in dancing lessons while on tour. Some women seem they don’t have any other jobs except to practice for DWTS . When you’re too tired, you cannot dance well. And try to fake a smile or two, as my dancing teacher used to ask me. I called in my support, hope you will do even better next week.

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