Don’t Worry!

There’s kind of a gassy farty fear smell in the air, or maybe that is just me. I am in my trailer hoping for internet so I can watch Jennifer Grey’s performance again. She was so stunningly beautiful! She can really move and was a joy to watch. And the nicest person! Serious contender for miss congeniality. She came over to me in the makeup trailer with a text from her friend saying that our dance was brilliant. I love that. She’s been so supportive, which is really wonderful to be around.

The energy here is tense. I am now just in my trailer trying to not panic and think about later. I am not so freaked out about being judged. I have been judged so much my whole life. I have a very tough skin. I had a cortisone injection last month and the nurse had a hard time getting the needle through my hide. I am so calloused from the inside out. I am tough. I just feel bad that Louis’ fate hangs in the balance too. The dancers get paid from week to week – the longer they survive, the more pay they have to count on. That is important to me. He has done such a great job with me, not only traveling to everywhere I am performing on tour and literally living in my lap for the last few weeks, but also teaching me to dance beautifully from the ground up. He also has brought his entire family out here from Amsterdam to watch him on the show. I told his mother last night that I didn’t want her to have come here for no reason!! Everything will be sorted out soon I guess – all I can say is that I tried my hardest and gave my best – and hopefully we are still in the game.

What a crazy thing – this reality show business. It’s tense and it’s devastating but it also makes for terrific watching. It’s all people’s feelings and determination and past wins and losses. It’s athletes and ingénues and political progeny and Florence Henderson and me. I don’t know where I fit but I also don’t know how I don’t fit. I am just trying to be conscious, be aware, be kind, be careful. There’s gifting suites and cheesecake – things that usually make me happy, but its hard to focus, thinking about how bummed out my parents seemed last night with the judges’ scores. This show means everything to my parents. It’s like the biggest thing for them. They don’t want to say anything, because it’s such a big deal. I know they are freaking out but are totally silent because they want me to succeed so badly but they aren’t sure how to help me. I keep trying to tell them that no matter what happens it will be ok but you should see them – it’s so heartbreaking. I think they are worried this will get us deported or something!

The best this morning was my parent’s strategic thinking and breaking down what the show is all about while trying to cheer me up and lift my spirits….

Dad: They have the lady have many baby and she cannot do the dance still she do dance many time – maybe 5 times – many times!

Mom: Maybe if you have some baby they feel sorry for you and they vote

Dad: But they have sometime the people who cannot dance. But different is you – you can dance!

Mom: She can dance because even when she was 4 year old she was dance and not even with other girl – she was prima donna and dance in the middle – just like this (proceeds to do impression of me dancing as 4 year old)

Dad: Yes still she can dance very good much better than other people dancing. As good as donny osmond!

Mom: Yes as good as Donny Osmond! He was very good!

Dad: Also Asian do very good on the show. There is the Ono and that what is Yamaguchi?

Mom: And also lady who is judge that lady. That she is Asian.

Dad: Asian always do very good

Mom: Don’t worry because your fan will not let you go down like that

Dad: No don’t worry because you have so many fan

Mom: Don’t worry!

Dad: Don’t worry!

(but they both look sooooo worried! Hahahaha)

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  1. Your parents are adorable 🙂 It always makes me smile just to see them.
    Good luck tonight! I have faith that the voters have good enough taste to keep you around. You’re awesome 🙂

  2. You were great last night and we voted voted voted. We know you will make it tonight. Your parents are so sweet. Be in the moment and know you will make everyone proud. You already have!

  3. Jennifer Grey was right, it was a brilliant dance and it was fun to watch as an audience member. I related to your vulnerability last night. Thanks for a great show and Thanks for sharing your blog. I’m glad I discovered it.

  4. Too bad Bristol doesn’t have this kind of love and parental support. Loved you on the show! I hope you (and your parents) are very happy when the results are in. 🙂

  5. I am SO proud of you taking this on!!! Your parents looked so proud too! We are behind you all the way so focus and remember those judges are looking for classic textbook ballroom with precision. Nothing more and nothing less! ♥

  6. Hey Margaret!

    You held your ground last night and did great! I voted for you and you made everyone proud last night. I hope to see more of your creativity on DWTS. 🙂 Keep dancing!


  7. This is awesome!
    You are awesome!
    Your parents are awesome!
    DWTS & “reality tv” is crap.

    I think Donnie Osmond is the gay

    Peace Love & Aloha

  8. Oh, Margaret
    Please don’t worry. I will worry for you. Middle America, not so much with irony. I jumped up and down when I saw your parents.
    And yes, Jennifer Gray was wonderful and has had a lot of training.
    You – took my breath away. Trying so hard, and trying to not be serious, and trying to be funny and trying to take it lightly- but I think we know how much it means to put yourself on display like that.
    We dance every week here in San Francisco in Golden Gate Park – it is good for the spirit and the body.
    So don’t worry – you are a dancer now!!!

  9. Husband, John, and I watched the show and when the camera went to your parents, we did a collective \awwww.\ I vote for them every time I vote for you and Louis!!! lots of love sent your way xoxooxox

  10. You are the reason I’m watching the show for the first time ever, Margaret! And you BETTER believe I voted for you too (first time ever doing that for a contest show too!).

    Your performance was not only perfectly danced, but added in YOUR personality, and they totally overlooked it.

    Fingers crossed!

    (and I love Jennifer Gray too… I cried when they showed her crying! Johnny Castle + Baby forever!)

  11. You danced so well and I know if you stay on the show you’ll get even better! I voted with all my email addresses and know all your fans did too!

  12. First let me say that I’ve always loved you and what you stand for…When I was in the closet still and afraid I’d watch your stand up specials and feel unashamed and proud of who I am.
    You always make me laugh no matter what!…I support you cause you support me.

    I know it’s a professional dance show, but the judges need to realize that you’re a very funny and intelligent person..of course you faked falling down at the end…duh! you’re a comedian.It’s like Lucielle Ball singing off key during I Love Lucy…She could actually sing she was just performing her craft. I loved every second of your performance..loved the dress everything..the tats you got in loving memory of your grandmother are so beautiful..

    Another thing it was totally messed up that they didn’t announce you in the opening…What was that about?? you should have been the first announced!

    I Know your going to do awesome next week…My hubby & I are rooting for you!!!

    Love you, love you’re parents too..
    Can’t eat a bag of Funyuns without laughing..

    Go team Van Cho!!!!

  13. Squeee! We’re so excited for tonight! Voting for you 20+ times made me feel strange, like an obsessed stalker-like person, but I did it anyway. Cho! Cho! Cho! 🙂 (please note that we have never watched this show before, and are only watching because you’re on it!) Also, my husband was so moved when he saw your parents watching last night, so sincere and proud of you, that he actually got TEARS in his eyes. Best of luck tonight!!

  14. You can claim me as your long lost white son…temporarily that is, I would never replace my mother! You are the reason this household is watching. We usually do not watch this show.

  15. Margaret,
    You seemed to do fine at the beginning of your dance. You can tell you were practicing and wanted to do well. The Judges seemed a little ‘ offended ‘ that you wanted to add a little levity or Comedy to it. Oh well. That’s Who you are though.
    Bruno on Kimmel said Hoff was the WORST. You will probably move on.

    Just a heads up on the voting. Bristols (& her Mama’s Cult Fans ) are weighing in with the votes to support her . The Fans on her Mama’s support blog ,C4P, were bragging in the comments just last night that they were able to ‘ cheat ‘ and vote as many as 240 times. They actually bragged about it openly on the C4P blog. { Have someone check it out }
    That’s ” Palin Family Values ” for you. Conservative Values in action.

  16. I’m so proud of you, Margaret! You did such an awesome job, and you looked so beautiful!
    I’ve been a fan of yours since your earliest stand up on tv, and you’ve always been one of my favorite comedians. Love you!

  17. You were awesome last night, Margaret! You totally have my support. I guess the judges wanted you to be more serious instead of being comedic on the dance floor. Good luck tonight!!

  18. goooooo margaret!! so glad you made it to the second week. your performance last night was hilarious – you just make me laugh with everything you do. it could even be the slightest facial expression and i crack up!

    that outfit was amazing btw and loved when you covered brooke with THE CAPE when they announced your scores – lol!

    kick some booty, margaret, we’re rooting for you in chicago!!!

  19. Margaret, we LOVED you. I loved the wings, I thought you were both graceful AND hilarious and if they send you home, I’m not watching anymore. Fucking David Hasselhoff. Jesus.

  20. Margaret,
    You were awesome! I laughed so hard when you were twirling the wings around you. I had to say “Uh, oh, Len won’t like this,” because he hates when people use props or go too much “outside the box”, but I thought you were SO much fun! We will be watching you and rooting for you to win! 🙂

  21. I just finished watching the Results show. It was heartbreaking seeing your reaction. You were hugging Louis for a long time. Crying in his arms (Or, so it seemed) I’m glad you were given another chance. To prove to everyone you are a contender. Don’t worry you’ll do fine. Crap yet? Can’t wait to see your show in Toronto!!!

  22. I have never watched this show before you went on it. I’m watching (and voting) for you. Much to my surprise, I actually teared up when they announced you were safe. Something about the look on your face just got to me. I hope you and Louis go far.

  23. I am relieved that you are going to the next round. Now is the time to show the judges what you can do. I think your comedy is too alternative for them and Middle America.

    LISTEN to Bruno – he says you can dance . For all the flamboyent drama he is always on the money with this stuff. Strip away the fluff and the man has sense to impart, without malice (unlike Len) – so take him at his word.

    My advice (and I’ve been doing swing, ballroom and latin socially for 15 years) is to go old school without the slapstick for now – think 60s and 70s variety show and you will win over the judges. Remember: no intros. Come on the floor dancing and you are good to go.

    BTW Personally I think that Jennifer Grey has a thing for you. I watched that interview with the group and she was all over you.

    Just sayin’.

  24. Margaret,

    I love you so much and have for so long. I’m such a sap–tears came to my eyes when you passed the first round. It made me so happy to see you so happy and I’m rooting for you all the way–voting, calling, etc.

    I’m seeing you at The Wiltern this December in Los Angeles. Cannot, cannot, canNOT wait. Goddamn do I miss your stand up.

    Loved your waltz, you seriously have some sharp moves, lady. Use your dance skillzzzz all the way through, gurl. You’re chocked full of it. And of course, with grace and beauty, too. Believe it, sistah.

  25. Dance, Lady, dance. MINUS the slapstick moves, please. Why do you always have to be the comedian? I want to see the passionate, the coquettish, the exuberant, the romantic Margaret — put aside the comedian Margaret for the time being.

    Sure hope you and Louis will heed the advice of the judges. Sometimes it’s a good idea to play the game of your opponents. Don’t you want to go further on the show?

    See you on Monday,

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