The Situation

I am sooooooo excited to meet The Situation. He is one of the contestants on Dancing with the Stars and I couldn’t be more thrilled. I am a big Jersey Shore fan and I think one of the reasons the show is so successful is that it truly follows a mythological story line. Myth is one of the reasons man keeps going. The stories we tell each other are the same stories we have always told – starting from the dawn of civilization to the multiplexes and million TV channels and massive media of today. Modern myth has much to do with myth and legend of days long gone by.

I see these mythological patterns – the way man gives himself meaning – in the most successful films and television shows.Star Wars is pure mythology – which is why it is so popular, why we keep returning to these same characters over and over as a cultural reference. We know who they are because they are us. They are you and me. They are how life happens and what happens in life. I think the Jersey Shore is no less important than Tatooine (but if you follow that logic, then the last season in Miami would probably be the Death Star). I think that the Jersey Shore is pure Shakespeare. It is greek myth. It is Arthurian legend. It is Jacobean drama. It’s a cave painting. It is the Bible. I am obsessed.

I look at JWoww as the classic femme fatale. She is Eve. She is Jezebel. She is Delilah. She is the fatal woman. A praying mantis. In the opening credits of the show she says she will rip guys heads off. I believe her. She is powerful in her silence. I love her and I would be scared if I was a dude. Snooki with her huge eyes and sad visage is a Keane painting come to life, but with a fiery edge. In Shakespeare’s time, she would be Kate from the Taming of the Shrew, with her sharp tongue and pretty face. She even closely resembles Elizabeth Taylor from the Zeffirelli version. Pauly D and Vinnie play Mercutio and Benvolio to Sammi and Ronnie’s Romeo and Juliet – coming together and pulling apart – two sides of the coin. They are Gemini. They are the representation of our other half – they complete each other. They complete me. Sammi and Ronnie to me are like the tarot card ‘The Lovers.’ Someone should do a tarot card deck of The Jersey Shore. That would be pure genius and then you could predict what will happen on the show in future seasons. And finally, The Situation – he is the latest incarnation of Icarus. Beautiful and strong. Beloved and haughty. Cocky enough to fly too close to the sun and deeply tanning instead of being burned. Powered by abdominal muscles and fame – watch him soar.

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  1. You really write well. Your style of writing what I like. I was reading just to see how you would write it. then i got bored of the content. But if you should run away from it all you could write novels. Not everyone can say that.


  2. I love the insight you bring to our modern mythology. In my world, you are the child of Aphrodite and Athena who used Dionysus’ seed.

    (“Gimme your seeeeed…!”)

    The result is a beautiful, sensual woman with benevolent wisdom and ferocious activism mixed in with the fun & frivolity of a fabulous party-girl.

    You are a goddess!

  3. I appreciate your approach to our modern mythology! In my world, you are the daughter of Aphrodite and Athena who used Dionysus’ seed.

    (“Gimme your seeeed…!”)

    The result is a beautiful, sensual woman with uncanny wit & wisdom and a healthy sprinkling of fun & frivolity.

    You are a goddess. I worship you.

  4. I appreciate your approach to our modern mythology. In my world, you are the daughter of Athena & Aphrodite who used Dionysus’ seed…

    (“Gimme your SEEEEED….”)

    The result? A beautiful, sensuous woman possessing uncanny wit & widsom and a sense of fun & frivolity.

    You are a goddess. I worship you!

  5. I’m so dismayed by the seemingly universal disparaging of “The Situation.” I’ve only watched one, maybe two episodes of “Jersey Shore” and seen clips, but I think he’s great. He’s funny, he’s doing a great job managing his fifteen minutes, I think he truly is hot, and I think that beneath the veneer he uses to promote his “product” and the show, he is a good person. Please suggest to him that he does a PSA for repealing DADT. That would be perfect for him and give cred to a movement that is festering amongst a younger generation that, especially amongst Guidos in Staten Island, would have been previously much more homophobic. It will be good for his cred as well as for the issue.

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