I Love Louis!

I have the best partner on “Dancing with the Stars” – Louis van Amstel! He’s an incredible dancer – a world champion many times over, he’s gorgeous, he’s hilariously funny, he’s a great teacher, he’s gay (which I love love love love love love – girl – he is FAMILY)! I couldn’t ask for a better person to pair up with. And what is really cool is he is a fan of mine too!

We have been rehearsing daily for hours, and I am so fortunate because he explains things so well, he makes it fun, he really makes me sweat and I am loving every second of it. His body is so perfect. The way he moves is truly inspiring. And he is helping me move! I wish I could show you the small routines he has taught me now – because I cannot believe I am doing them myself. Even two steps together feels like a miracle to me. When we are in sync and dancing together, it feels like we are flying. I have never felt graceful or elegant, but under Louis’ strict teaching, I feel like my body is changing, even after just a few days. My body is starting to seem like it knows where to go. We are starting to build momentum – something is happening. At first, I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t do it, I couldn’t do it, and then suddenly, I can. He repeats the movement until it gets under my skin, and doesn’t judge when I fuck it up. When I fall, he picks me up and we start again and then I don’t fall. I spin. I turn. It makes me feel alive. It makes me feel like my body is here. It’s 41 years old, and it’s fucking fantastic.

It’s wild to discover new things about yourself at this age. I thought I knew all about what I can do. I really am finding so much out, with these sweaty, sore hours spent in the dance studio. I don’t really think about the fact that this is all a competition, I am just so happy I have made a new friend. I am glad that I am lucky enough to have someone show me the beautiful movement I have inside. I cannot wait to dance with him for the world. Thank you so much Louis!!! I am so in love already!!

Margaret and Louis

17 thoughts on “I Love Louis!

  1. This is what I love about DWTS! You’re ‘getting’ it Margaret! And Louis is just a doll, isn’t he? I think the two of you make a fabulous couple and I’m looking forward to seeing you dance. Go, girl, GO! *g*

  2. Louis is one of the best, the best, the best pros on DWTS!!! I love watching him season after season and the way he makes his partners shine is wonderful!! I think that is the best part of this show is the connection between the stars and the pros, because when it is there and they are workin’ it everything just looks effortless!! I am so excited to see you on DWTS and I know I’ll be hijacking some cell phones and login ids to make sure you are a top vote getter every week!

    Go Cho!!!

  3. I don’t watch DWTS, but I’ll be tuning in, thanks to you Margaret.

    And I’m surprised that you say you’re 41, I thought you’re just barely 30! And what a fabu pic of you and Louis. Love it! Keep the blog coming.

  4. ARGH!!! Margaret! Not only is your participation in DWTS going to force me to start watching the show again but I am going to have to call in and vote too. (Hey Cho fans, don’t forget to call in AND vote ONLINE…very import!)

    I stopped watching the show several years ago when Dancing With The Stars became Dancing With The “Stars”? Fortunately, this season, barring a few contestants, does include “Stars” with actual resumes.

    Louie! How great for you! As I recall, Louie was the best male dancer. Maybe it is because he is shorter than many of the other male dancers…his center of gravity is different or whatever…but his moves were always crisp and precise! He hasn’t won the gaudy mirror ball yet. Perhaps this year, with you as his partner, he may actually win it.

    I will watch, Margaret. I will vote. I know you and Louie will rock the floor!

    And you thought persimmons were the diet from hell!!! Skinny now, you are going to fade away before our eyes!

  5. Dear Margaret:

    I don’t care if you can dance a lick: you will be getting all of my votes every single week you are on. I am a fan. And a former latin ballroom dancer. Good luck to you, have fun, be careful and enjoy Louie! Dancing that is!


    Nancy Ann

  6. So excited that you will be on DWTS! I’m already imagining your costumes, your routines… and if they let you sing, heads will be spinning! They don’t know what they’re in for! Louis is adorable and the perfect partner for you! I really hope you go far! I plan to call and vote online both!

    People, we gotta rally behind Margaret! This is a great opportunity and hopefully her belly dancing experience will help with this type of dancing!

  7. Like your parents, DWTS is about the only show on TV (that and occasional Daily Show) we watch consistently since we don’t keep a TV, & I’m beyond ECSTATIC you’ll be on it!!! I used to never vote but this time I’ll have to vote 🙂

    I couldn’t believe how tiny (in a good way) you are when we met you backstage at Paramount! You’ll be in a killer shape with Louis as your partner and coach. Love him. With your belly dancing credentials, I know you can move your hips – hope you get the mirror ball trophy! That way we can watch you on the show longer too.

  8. As a longtime dancer myself, I am so glad to hear that Louis has the two things that make for a good dance instructor: he is both patient and strict. You will need that discipline to learn these dances but so long as Louis shows you the basics SOLIDLY, you will be WAY ahead of the curve. I look forward to giving you good reviews.

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