Eat Shit and Die video premiere at Buzznet

Check out Margaret’s brand new video for “Eat Shit and Die” featuring Grant Lee Phillips and directed by Liam Sullivan. The exclusive premiere is today at Buzznet.

Cho Dependent (featuring Tegan & Sara, Ben Lee, Tommy Chong, Grant Lee Phillips, Ani DiFranco, Andrew Bird, Garrison Starr, Meghan Toohey, Jon Brion, Rachael Yamagata and Fiona Apple) hits store 8/24 but is available for pre-order and instant download HERE. If you need a live dose of Margaret, check out all of her TOUR DATES.

3 thoughts on “Eat Shit and Die video premiere at Buzznet

    I Love You Margaret!!
    Looking forward to the new album!!
    See you in San Francisco on Dec. 4
    Thank You for all the laughter through the years!
    LOVE YA!

  2. I love it! Glad to see Eleni in the act. (Hope I spelled it right.) BTW Also saw you in The Bear Song video with Pixie Herculon and featured it on my site. Another great song!

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