Are you Cho Dependent? Join Margaret’s Street Team!

Margaret needs your help! Cho Dependent hits stores on August 24th and her tour kicks off August 26th! We’re looking for fans who want to join the team and help spread the word. Of course you’ll be hooked up for helping. By working with us, you’re automatically entering for a chance to win tickets to Margaret’s show! You’ll be rewarded for your help in the following ways:

A) Up to two Grand Prize winners in each city will win a free shirt, a pair of tickets to the show in your city and a pair of meet and greet passes to meet Margaret backstage!

B) In addition, up to 10 more fans in each city will be invited to bring a guest along to meet Margaret backstage and hang out with other fans on the day of the show (tickets not included).

Margaret thanks all of you from the bottom of her Cho Dependent heart! To get involved or to get more details shoot an email to

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  1. I just met you and saw your show at Bonnaroo and you were very cool!! (duh) I’m down for the Street Team!!!

  2. Thanks for all of the support guys!! You should have received Missions 1 and 2 so far. If not, please contact margaretchostreets @ gmail . com

    We still need team members in the following cities:

    Atlantic City
    Las Vegas
    Los Angeles
    Washington DC

  3. i already bought my tixxx for the anaheim show, but i’d still love to hang out on the streets and spread the gospel… i heart ms. cho!!!

  4. I’m in Vancouver, Canada! I’m in if you want more Canadian fans at your show!! Woohoo! Can’t wait!

  5. I’d help. I met you when you debut the Revolution tour in Chicago and I blew my chance to really talk with you. I just kept calling you Ms. Cho. Would love a new chance. But now Im in Alabama. If I can help, sign me up!

  6. I emailed you so hopefully myself and my girlfriend can help out on the streets in DALLAS!

    Love you muchly!


  7. Will see what I can do…….I don’t live in the Scranton area anymore…But I have a friend there….I’ll ask around…

  8. I have done Promotions in the past for the shows in Vegas..Have seen them all and am a DIE HARD FAN!!!

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