Review of Cho Dependent Album by Sinister Girlz

Review of Margaret Cho’s Cho Dependent
by Sinister Girlz

Margaret Cho, “Cho Dependent” (August 24th)

When it was revealed late last year that Comedienne and actress Margaret Cho was set to release an album I, like I’m sure many, figured it’d feature her brilliant stand-up instead we get 13 fully produced musical tracks. “Cho Dependent” is filled with witty and funny lyrics as well as delicious vocals and catchy hooks. The album was co-written by the comedian herself and features collaborations with everyone from Fiona Apple to Patty Griffin, Grant Lee Phillips, Ben Lee and Ani DiFranco among others. Her brilliance is showcased best in tracks like “Your Dick” a ballad that pays homage to a man’s southern region while the lyrics are blunt the melody is sweet and the harmonization is lovely enough to momentarily make you forget you’re listening to a comedic album, that is until the falsetto comes in proclaiming “I like your balls too.” The album tackles many issues such as “Lice,” “Calling In Stoned” and “Enemies.” If there’s one thing you’ll soon come to learn while listening to this album is that, “you can’t break up with [her]…[she’s] Margaret Fucking Cho!”

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