Drop Dead Diva: International Air Dates

Check out Drop Dead Diva all over the world!

Airing NOW…

Canada (on Showcase)  
Season 1

Denmark (Sunday on TV3)
Season 1

Germany (Monday @ 8:15pm on FOX)   
Season 1

Middle East (Saturday @ 9pm on SHOWTIME)   
Season 1

South Korea (Wednesday & Thursday @ 8pm on TVN)
Season 1: titled:”Change Diva”

Turkey (Tuesday @ 21:00 on FOXlife)

UK (Thursday @ 8pm on LivingTV)  
Season 1         

Coming SOON…

Asia (on SET ASIA)
Back with Season 2 late in 2010 (We’ll let you know when we get the official premiere date!)

Australia  (on GO)          
Back with Season 2 in 2010 (We’ll let you know when we get the official premiere date!)

France (on Téva)
Season 1 premiers on May 9, 2010

Hong Kong (on Pearl channel, TVB)
Season 1 premiers May 11, 2010

Latin America (on SET)  
Back with Season 2 in November, 2010.

Japan (on WOWOW)
Season 1 premiers in October 2010

Singapore (Thursday @ 10pm on Mediacorp Ch 5)
Season 1  premieres on June 3, 2010

South Africa (on Vuzu)
Season 1 premiers July 27, 2010

Drop Dead Diva season 2 will be back in the US, Sundays in June, on Lifetime.

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  1. Ten PM is just so late. AND thursday?!? GOlly… ANyway, I took the initiative and watched it, well, onLiNe###. (Put the hash to counter off the online police! Hah! I am so guilty!)

  2. Hi,
    Singapore just finished airing Drop Dead Diva season 1. Have been loving my thursday nights cos’ of it, hahaha. Any idea when season 2 will be aired in Singapore? It’s such an awesome show.

  3. Hi, I live in Canada and I just finished watching season 2 of drop dead diva…so amazing! I’m getting all geared up for season 3 but I’m having troubles finding on my shaw cable box, I dont think it airs on my tv. It says the first episode is June 19, does anybody know if I’m looking on the wrong channel and if not where else I can watch it? I can’t miss it!!!

  4. it airs on lifetime… but dont know if/when it’s going to air in canada yet. i’m trying to find it too… so far it’s lifetime or nothing.

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