Sammy Needs A Home

Urgent! Dog in need! Please help! What an adorable boy:

Sammy is a 7 year old, devoted and loving Dalmatian mix and is facing forced euthanasia unless he finds the right home. His favorite things are tummy rubs, naps in the sun, bones and a stroll through the neighborhood to sniff. He is a mellow dog, but is always up for a hike. He gets along great with other dogs and with children. He is a sensitive and gentle guy. Originally rescued off the streets he was probably badly abused and has a broken tail to show for it. Rambunctious behavior and loud noises make him nervous. So do men in general until they offer lots of love and affection. He is afraid of teenage boys and men in uniforms and hats. He is NOT an alpha dog. He is very happy at the bottom of any pack. He is trained in all basic commands, is neutered, micro-chipped and up to date on all his routine care. His owners’ job forces them to leave the state for half the year which makes for a lonely home for Sam. He has lived with his litter mate for the last six years. At her instigation he has nipped in the past which is why he is looking for a home without her. His has only nipped from fear triggered by the other dog. Alone he looks to human leadership for his instructions. Multiple trainers’ assessment is that he is NOT an aggressive dog, but could require management in certain situations. We can help arrange this. This is a great, loving, sweet dog who deserves the right home. He is looking for a best friend! Please help him!

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