My Lil Wayne

This is a song about someone who is in prison…

Written and performed by Margaret Cho and Ben Lee. Produced by Ben Lee, engineered and additional instruments by Nic Johns. Camera by Ione Skye. Graphics & Editing by Al Ridenour. Download the song for free, for a limited time only, until March 20, 2010:

8 thoughts on “My Lil Wayne

  1. Okay I was amused! Haha, loved the animated tear tattoo…

    RachelLee, get someone to spray the sand out of your vagina, okay?

    Margaraet, I wanted to say that you have really come a long way with your voice. You’re sounding great! You’re getting quite good, and you should be proud.

  2. Thank you! I could not have found this at a better time. It speaks to me. In a few weeks I will be sentenced to the slammer to spend some time… for the first time. My zombie like existence has been fueled by fear and loss of worth. This brings me joy. Joy to know that I have a friend, a renegade, perhaps, supporting and believing me all the way. It put a smile on my heart. Lifted me a bit.

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