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  1. I’m glad you finally put on the dress. If you had any lingering fears about not being able to do it justice…let them all go. You are beautiful.

  2. As others have already said, you’re beautiful in that dress. I’m so glad you posted these. I’ve been curious ever since you described the dress.

  3. thought it was going to have a hangman’s noose on it….thought this was a joke my mistake sorry….why did he kill himself anyway?

  4. @bobbay: YES! I always do the Girl!!! (back of head exploding) when anything blows my mind, but sadly, only a few people usually know what I’m talking about.

  5. I’m glad you put on the Lee McQueen dress finally. It may have cost a fortune, but enjoy the money you spent on it by wearing it out. Wear the dress, and wear it as many times as you can. Bring it and wear it on your tour!

    I made the mistake of hoarding some wonderful clothing and then realizing that I can’t fit into it, and wear it anymore. Don’t make the same mistake. Unless you plan to resell it or gift it to someone else, why deprive yourself of wearing something that you love?

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