3 thoughts on “Drop Dead Diva airing on Showcase in Canada

  1. I saw the pilot episode of Drop Dead Diva in Canada but haven’t seen it since. The showcase.ca website is silent about future scheduling and haven\t replied to an email I sent them a few weeks back.

    Do you know if additional episodes of the show will be seen in Canada and when that might be? Pflease email or post on your site what is going on.

    Thanks. You look great on the show.

  2. I have been patiently waiting, waiting, waiting for new episodes and was SO excited to see a commercial that season two begins on Sunday June 6. Alas, Showcase Canada is still not showing it anywhere on the schedule or an episode for Sunday. It makes me sad. The show is amazing on so many levels. The cliff-hanger shocker has had me wondering since it aired!

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