Margaret Cho & Friends – plus music video shoot!

UPDATE: This show and video shoot has been MOVED to February 21st, due to a scheduling conflict. More info here.

I’m doing one last Margaret Cho and Friends show at El Cid in February. We’ll be filming the audience during the show, as part of the video for “Eat Shit and Die,” the song from my new album that I wrote with Grant Lee Phillips.

Please come and be a part of it! It’s gonna be a lot of fun and at the helm will be the amazing Liam Sullivan!! Liam has signed on to direct videos for my record, which I am so thrilled about – so if you always wanted to be in a music video, and you are fans of me and Liam – it’s gonna be a dream come true. We are doing a 1920s extravaganza and if you come dressed in 20s attire, we will put you front and center, and you will get a free Revolution DVD. And I am sure you will look super cute too. So please come and join us in this very very special event. I will be performing, along with some special guests, we will film me, we will film you – it’s gonna be amazing!!!

Margaret Cho & Friends


Sunday, February 28th at 8pm
El Cid
4212 Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90029
Other performers include Selene Luna, Ian Harvie, Kevin Avery and Ben Lee!

Advance tickets here. **Warning: there are only a limited number of audience tickets for this show – we expect it will sell out early & we may not be able to release any at the door, so we suggest you buy in advance!**

Download a FREE live version of “Eat Shit and Die” here:

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