Yak Yak Yak

Here is me in Tibet in 2000 at 17,000 feet. I was really sick from the high altitude. The people that lived up there made all their money from tourists who dizzily climbed up the Himalayas to take pictures while dazed on small, very decorated yaks. I wish the photo had not cut off the guy next to the yak. They were really amazing people who lived up there. They were covered in dust and ash which worked well as a strong sunblock and when they weren’t taking our pictures, they were meditating. I love this yak. It looks like Ralph!

tibet 2000

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  1. Just wanted to give you an early Happy 41st birthday, Margaret. Keep doing what you do. May you have the bestest birthday ever, and love the guitar cake. I would have preferred a penis cake myself, but you ROCK and it was more appropriate. Much love from your family in Austin, Texas. We love ya!

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