White House Crashers

I am convinced those people got into that white house state dinner because they are white. I attended a state dinner during the Clinton administration and they did such a thorough background check before I was even allowed to RSVP that I was coming I thought they were going to ask me for a stool sample – we are talking DEEP BACKGROUND – and I am fucking famous. And I was fucking famous then. White people always look more INVITED than non white people.

26 thoughts on “White House Crashers

  1. When I saw there picture I was thinking the same thing!
    It’s alway a white man and a blonde trying to rule the world!
    Thank god Obama is in the white house. It needed some color!

    And thank you for making me laugh all these years!

  2. Right .. I was thinking the same thing to.. I was wondering if I were to show up in a dress what they would do.. TURN ME AWAY.. EVEN if I was INVITED and they did a DEEP BACK GROUND CHECK ON MY AZZ,,


    Love your new website.

  3. This may all be a big joke, but maybe the Cheney mob was sending Obama a message. They can get anybody they want right up to the president anytime they want.

    Remember that other Palistinian, Sirhan Sirhan?


  4. FYI, people of Arab descent, including Palestinians are considered “White,” a category that for affirmative action and census purposes includes peoples of Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

  5. Not only were they admitted because they are white, but I can only imagine the huge attitude they copped when they were questioned as to why their names did not appear on the guest lists. The blonde diva probably dropped something like “Well, WE ARE ON THE LIST. Perhaps you should check again. And unless you want to be out of a job, I suggest you hurry it up.”

  6. Don’t forget rich as well. Those two pulled a big con job not only on the White House but everyone else who is following along. Can you say 15 minutes of fame?

  7. His name is Tareq Salahi. That’s soooo white sounding. I heard an analysis that said normally a name like that would ring major security bells, but because it was an event honoring an Indian prime minister and Americans can’t tell the difference between an Arab and an Indian in name or looks–the name didn’t raise flags.

    No, it’s not ENTIRELY a race thing– having a reedy, blonde on his arm didn’t hurt, but it’s really more of a CLASS thing. They’re rich and fit in.

  8. Gate crashing is not about being white, it is about fitting in with the majority or the expected guest coloring – white, brown, black or yellow. We are looking at this from a white western perspective. Had the event been at the Taj Mahal or Sunni Palace, being tall, rich looking and seeminly entitled would work just as well.

  9. Does the white thing apply to Italians too???
    Cause I can’t imagine my guido tattooed self getting into the White House. LOL

  10. As for him being Palestinian, the man looks white so people will not see him as Arab.

    @ Heidi Henderson, let’s not be naive. From a Western, white perspective, being rich and powerful IS being white. That’s why they could get in so easily.

  11. I know that in the UK no one is just casually invited to state dinners. As Margaret states in her post, security is usually pretty strict for them here in the States (also check out Elayne Boosler’s recent post on huffingtonpost.com). As far as them having gotten in because they looked white…maybe that was indeed the case. I don’t know. But what worries me about this is that there are some people in this country who are crazy enough to maybe become emboldened to actually attempt to harm the President and/or his family because of this event. Hopefully security protocol for events is being reviewed and the people responsible for any lapses are now going to be looking for other lines of work outside of the White House.

  12. To be fair, Mel, they did have to go through metal detectors and whatnot to get into the building. So really the most they could do to the President is punch him in the face or something.

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