Portrait by Shawn Barber

Here’s my wonderful portrait by the incredible Shawn Barber!

Mike Davis is tattooing me in the painting! Its so fucking awesome I scream with joy whenever I look at it.

Love Shawn Barber so much!!!!

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  1. What a beautiful painting. I’m impressed. Is he going to start a concentration of Margaret Cho paintings, do you suppose? I enjoyed my visit. If you have a spare moment, stop by my page…I’m a humorous essay writer with a book coming out next year and would really welcome thoughts/suggestions from someone who’s \made it\.

    Take good care…Brian

  2. Hi MC ! I think your so funny ! It’s cool to see an asian female stepping up to the mic and representing for the asian women. hehe. I heard about you for the first time in my drama class and I realized so many things that I don’t really pay attention to that surrounds me all the time. My sister is a lesbian and I guess I never really knew how she felt, but I think I have an idea. Well, Thanx and hope all goes well for you. Oh by the way are those tattoos realll ? does it hurrtttt ? haha !=D Sorry for writing so much !^_^

    Goodluck with everything !!!

  3. Wow. Here I came to this site to see if you have a twitter account {Just watched Beautiful and i couldn’t stop staring at your ink}, and I find this gorgeous portrait of you done by the wickedly talented Shawn Barber. Not only is your ink lovely, but to have it immortalized by him is an amazing honour.

    You rock. Can’t wait for you to come to Toronto.

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