25 Random Things

Here’s me singing my song about Facebook with Alexander Burke back in February. Wow! My voice sounds great!

I have broken my silence briefly to speak to Andrew Bird on the phone – because we start recording my record this week! It feels so weird to talk (and sing!) after a month of not talking!

You can download the free song here.

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  1. Hey Margaret! Just wanted to say how much this korean and polish girl happy. I love your comedy and I’m sure I’ll love your record. I love Andrew Bird’s music and I think it’s cool you guys are collaborating! I took up the violin partly because I love his music. :]

    Good luck on your album girl!

    BTW, my friends and I love you in drop dead diva.

  2. Wow! Singing can be hard on the voice, especially after having lost it. You are so brave (and pretty, talented, funny, brilliant, open minded). Just saw a couple of pics on Sara Benincasa’s blog. I feel guilty that I didn’t make it to Provincetown. Nice to read about it. I hadn’t realized you were so musically talented. Loved the video.

  3. Dear Margaret:

    THANKYOU. Thankyou for talking franky about your life, your body and opinions. Keep sharing them with the world. Make the world realize that women do not comform to a cookie-cutter image. WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT. The media should acknowledge and celebrate these differences. We need MORE role models like you. Your work makes people’s lives better. Keep doing it.

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