The Genius of Weird Al

I have said many times before that Weird Al Yankovic is my absolute idol. I worship him and his incredible music. What is also amazing about him is that he gets better as time goes on. I am absolutely floored by his latest offering – a White Stripes parody no less. “CNR”

Behold the genius of Weird Al…

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12 thoughts on “The Genius of Weird Al

  1. He’s an incredible musician as well as being hilarious. The fact that he can make a parody of any artist that is simultaneously an *excellent example* of that artist’s style (his Frank Zappa tribute comes to mind) is proof that he’s a genius.

  2. He is a brilliant musician, I must say. And it’s fantastic that he’s been doing his parodies for such a long time. An utter genius, who can make fun of a musician and pay tribute to them.
    Also, his polkas are just… words fail.

  3. Wierd AL just keeps getting better & better…his animated video for the spoof of Dinseyland’s Jungle Cruise ride is BEYOND HI-LARIOUS!!!…keep the laugining going!!!

  4. I’ve been a fan of Al since before his first album, him and his band are incredibly talented and tragically underrated, mostly because some people dismiss anything amusing as “novelty” ignore the quality of the work.

    (BTW, it’s Yankovic; but that’s okay, at least “Yankovik” is still pronounced properly, it drives me batty when people say “Yankovich”)

  5. sorry, I wish I could go back in time and undo the second half of that comment, it was corrected before I even hit “Submit”, I shoud’ve waited 🙁

  6. Okay, Margaret:

    Yeah, Weird Al was great. But…what do you think about the great parodists that came before him? Allan Sherman, for example?

  7. Yankovic is funny in a way that only a disembodied, superimposed, grainy black & white rocker head under a cut & paste top hat can properly convey. I was JUST thinking that.. and then you show me this. Stop reading my stuff! All of you!!!!

  8. I’ve followed the mighty Al since the long ago days of Dr. Demento. He’s truly ( and not just with music) a very smart man. He deserves 10 times his fan base and 100 times anything good that happens to him. Does a large amount for charity and APPRECIATES all that appreciate him.

    Not to mention, he’s a crazy funny bastard. Good post.

  9. I do love some Al, and as far as one of his “style parodies”, that’s a pretty great White Stripes send-up. But the lyrics are kind of along the lines of “What Would Brian Boitano Do?”…

    One of Al’s other more recent songs is “Skipper Dan,” which also had an animated video. For those of us in the entertainment biz, it’s a really touching song (but with a really wry humor); all about those super-talented never-made-it’s who have to settle for something else. It almost brings a tear to your eye, even as you smirk.

    Here’s the link:

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