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  1. You are so funny…and beautiful…always were. Glad you believe now too.

    Drop Dead Diva is fantastic. It brilliantly covers the full range of emotions along with the conflicts between outer and inner identity all while making you laugh. Well done! Brooke Elliot is wonderful. Happy that you are back on TV.

  2. Kudos, Margaret! How i wish i am back in the states to watch your live shows and laugh and cry with you and your words of wise wisdom!! Hopefully one day i will get to meet you in person, you have always been my role model and you showed me it’s ok to be asian and gay! Thanks Margaret! If you ever need new materials you can always come to Singapore and I’ll be your tour guide. Drop Dead Diva is not shown here so i am waiting for your DVD release and i will have to wait patiently….and for you it is worth it!

  3. Thank you so much for posting your appearance on the The View. Ow! I can’t even imagine how a shot of collagen in the G-spot must have felt. I wonder what it would take to make a guy feel the equivalent amount of pain in his orgasm place. Do guys ever get shots of collagen there? It was funny the way some of the often more talkative host on the view didn’t seem to know what to say. Loved it when you explain what Drop Dead Diva was about because you do it so well and so many people have it wrong. I hope more people see the clip, then watch Drop Dead Diva and come to watch you perform. You’re so right and so funny.

  4. Ugh, I hate Barbara Walters. Just look at her tone of voice and body language – totally condescending. Will she ever retire/die? To the contrary, I don’t find Barbara Walters remarkable at all.

    As always, I love Margaret Cho. And omfg, I love Drop Dead Diva.

  5. I think you’re beautiful. You’re a personal inspiration to me. I’m 34, overweight and trying very hard to find my beautiful. People tell me “oh you have such a pretty face” but that’s not enough.. I need to feel beautiful every where! You’re making that easier. Love your tattoos as well.

  6. What you said about owning your own beauty–that if you tell yourself that you are beautiful, then you are–touched me so profoundly I cried.

    I’m a 27 year old Filipina-American, and if there is a culture that is hard on women who are not thin, it is Filipino culture. I have always been told that I am fat, not beautiful… not just by strangers, but family (especially my mother/grandmother) and people I have dated. An aunt of a Pinoy I dated told him once that he should date my sister, not me, because she was thin and therefore beautiful. Things like that stay with you, and make you feel like you’ll never be good enough. I guess I’m tired of hating myself, too.

    It is so sad that as a woman you can be intelligent and still be devalued based on your appearance. It’s pathetic that you can have a wonderful career and be a strong woman who can take care of herself and then be rejected because of appearance.

    Thank you for being you, Margaret, and saying what needs to be heard. I’ll learn to love all of myself, because I am beautiful too.

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