Video from Unzipped Photoshoot

Hahaha! Should be self explanatory:

Here’s the Unzipped cover.

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  1. Oh, yes. yes. more. The more I see you the more I like you. . you are sooo up my alley (in my fantasies and dreams anyway) – a true domme Diva whenever you want to be. And very funny. And pretty. Really hot. I’m not the kind of person who normally becomes a fan (used to be in a couple of bands) but I’m an admirer. You’re addictive.

  2. Oh my god he’s so hot. Ok Miss girl why did you get to do a cover shoot with him? I’m so jealous! ugh asians…. hehehehe

  3. I would have chosen the red dress too! So I was happy to see the final selection at the end- though they were all really good shots. Margaret, you are incredible with varying your expressions! Well, duh. After all…
    (One of the businesses I own is a digital retouch one.)

  4. Helluva post to walk in on and I’ve never been here before today. Funnier than hell though when they tried to touch up your hair and make-up that you wouldn’t let go of your grab on his crotch at 1:06,lol.

    I’ll mirror what everybody else here is saying, though. I’d give ya a few licks to see what flavor ya are 😉

  5. That was a fabulous video, Although there are much for vids i have to go through and blogs to read. I haven’t caught up with margaret for a while 🙁
    Lovin’ that song too, I Just downloaded it 😀

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