A little WM3 News

A little West Memphis Three news:

I am so glad they walked out. John Fogleman is the last person who should be seeking an office like this.

From the Arkansas News:

More than a dozen protesters, unhappy with the way John Fogleman prosecuted three men for the 1993 murders of three West Memphis 8-year-olds walked out of a news conference Tuesday in which the Crittenden County circuit judge announced his candidacy for the state Supreme Court.
Fogleman made his announcement in the Old Supreme Court chambers at the state Capitol.
Fogleman announced to a crowd of about 50 that he plans to run in the May 2010 election to fill the seat of Justice Tom Glaze, who retired last year. Arkansas Appeals Court Judge Courtney Henry is also running for the seat.
The protesters, who took off their shirts to reveal T-shirts that read “Abuse of Power” or “West Memphis Three,”  silently walked out of the room while Fogleman was discussing his candidacy and reasons for seeking the office.

4 thoughts on “A little WM3 News

  1. Right on! Thanks for sharing this Margaret. I am so happy that people are still standing up for the WM3. It is such a heart breaking battle and this particular judge deserves every single moment of bad karma he reaps.

  2. as someone who has protested in different demonstrations, i am always appalled by the reaction of the surrounding audience who are probably equally as shocked, if not confused, but do everything in their power to ignore what is going on, as if their ignorance will make everything go away. like audre lorde made clear, ignoring difference doesn’t make it go away. power to those who stood up and made their voice heard.

  3. Well, maybe now that he’s running for judge some interesting embarrassing dirt will come out on him. Although there is nothing to erase the horrible injustice that the WM3 have endured.

    I think about these young men, and those young women who are jailed in Korea and I feel very blessed for my freedom. I don’t know what good it does but I send up a prayer for them.

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