Groomer Has It

I did an episode of “Groomer Has It” where they took shelter dogs and gave them a makeover! It was so cute because the dogs really looked better and also seemed like they knew they looked better and were working it. It’s supposed to air on May 30th.

Of course I cried and cried during the episode. I am not sure if they are going to cut that out or if it will stay in. They will probably show it because you know how on those reality shows they love it when a bitch cries. Anyway, it was so sweet and I really hope all those beautiful little dogs get adopted. All the groomers did such a fantastic job it was hard to pick the winner. I mostly judged on how much I felt the groomer really cared for their dog. It was so super sweet!

I miss my dogs so much out here in Peachtree City. It’s kind of hard to sleep at night. I have to position pillows around myself in bed so I can replicate a sleeping dog’s body, a small one next to my legs and then a bigger one next to my head.

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  1. Yay! Groomer Has It is my daughter’s new favorite show, after Underdog to Wonderdog. It’s nice to see the reality genre actually having a positive impact.:)

  2. Awww, what a great idea for those dear shelter poochies. (My 4-footed friends are ALWAYS rescues! :)) Hope the segment makes it online since I canceled cable.

    As for missing your poochies because you’re not here in Cali, you’re also missing The Cliks touring with the New York Dolls…tsk-tsk, girl! Loved having them at the Belly Up and hope to catch them tonight, too. Btw, loved your duet with Lucas on your poochie song…was great!

  3. Hey Margaret, it’s Judi (SF City Hall wedding, last June)

    My wife and I volunteer for Muttville- a senior dog rescue here in San Francisco.
    Think you’d be down for hosting a fundraiser sometime you’re in the city?

    and PS, we’ll find out if we’re still married Tuesday. Gosh, I sure hope those old white guys deem us worthy of having a committed relationship (crossing fingers!)

  4. Just thinking of those dogs in a happy home got me somewhat misty eyed. Damn you Cho! Your tears are contagious!! lol.

    That being said I can’t wait to see you on Groomer. ^_^

  5. Yay! Groomer Has It is my daughter’s new favorite show, after Underdog to Wonderdog. It’s nice to see the reality genre actually having a positive impact.:)

  6. I love that show and I love you. I am so glad you did this show. All dogs need love. I will set my DVR and watch it repeatedly. Con mucho amor, Danny J.

  7. We loved that show so much. Yes both of us were moved to tears over it. Im glad you did it to bring awareness that every dog needs a good home and love. Thank you for doing it. I have taken in two recue dogs in the past. And you do have your gays in PeachTree City. You have big fans here!

  8. Darnit! I wish this show had happened about 10 years earlier, or even 5 years earlier, when my dad would have been in shape to do it! He’s been grooming dogs for 35 years, including doing a metric ton of rescue dogs (he specializes in wire-haired breeds), but since his open-heart surgery last fall, he hasn’t been able to really get back into it. Glad the whippersnappers are using their powers for good, though!

  9. If you are still in plastic Peachtree City and want to rent a gorgeous dog friendly home (4.5 acres, pool, 3 stories, electric fence for the dogs) let me know!

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