Susie Suh at Hotel Cafe

More singer/songwriter collaborator news! the lovely and amazing Susie Suh will be playing Hotel Cafe Wednesdays in June. The dates are June 10, 17 and 24. Go check her out. She is nothing short of astounding and I am going to try to sneak back to LA to go….

Groomer Has It

I did an episode of “Groomer Has It” where they took shelter dogs and gave them a makeover! It was so cute because the dogs really looked better and also seemed like they knew they looked better and were working it. It’s supposed to air on May 30th.

Of course I cried and cried during the episode. I am Read More

David Atlanta Mag: Fag Hag For Life

by Ryan Lee

THERE’S A LONG-STANDING DEBATE about whether people choose to be gay or whether attraction to the same sex is genetic. But for Margaret Cho, there’s no doubt about it: She was born to be a fag hag.

“I’ve always had gay friends, always — when I was a child, even before we even knew that we were gay or anything,” Cho tells David during Read More

Swine Flu AOB video

The latest Art of Bleeding video starring Selene Luna!

More from Atlanta…

Access Hollywood Interviews with me and Rosie about “Drop Dead Diva:”

Margaret Cho Geared Up For ‘Dead’

By Lisa Respers France

ATLANTA, Georgia (CNN) — Comedienne Margaret Cho knows a great deal about Hollywood’s obsession with body image.

The once-zaftig actress is co-starring in a new series for Lifetime titled “Drop Dead Diva” about a brilliant plus-size attorney who finds her body inhabited by the soul of a shallow wannabe model.

The Sony Pictures Television-produced show debuts July 12 and stars Broadway actress Brooke Read More