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  1. This is the dumbest woman that i have seen in a long time. It is clear that she knows nothing about democracy, has never read Plato, Aristotle, and has no idea who Socrates was. She thinks that Democracy comes out of a Communist box of Cracker Jacks. What gives her the nerve to think she is the freakin thought police……….please just shoot me.

  2. Dumbest woman you’ve seen? You can’t be talking about Margaret Cho when you say that. If you are, call me personally so I can educate you. 408-661-4535.
    Ryan Jacobson

  3. Oh wait haha. I thought I was on CNN.com not Margarets blog, disreguard that. I was blind with rage.

  4. She is totally right. White people on TV shows completely get free-reign to be whatever they want to be, and I am white.

  5. What a fantastic interview. I would not have thought it possible, but your eloquence and ability to speak clearly about issues that are so important to me made you even more beautiful. Thank you, Margaret!

  6. GREAT interview! And I’m stoked we have a date to look forward to. Drop Dead Diva, July 13th on Lifetime! The same network that has Project Rungay. Lifetime=the place to be this summer!!

  7. Well done Margaret!
    You did an amazing job of being an advocate for race, gender and sexuality as usual!
    I am proud of you for identifying yourself as Queer, and describing what that means to you.
    You should be Miss California, after all Newsom already declared Margaret Cho day in SF, and it will be just be a matter of time before other cities in California follow. I have seen your glorious udders behind your fan dance. If only the Miss California USA Prganization had seen you dance burlesque, I am sure they would have never felt the need to spring for a contestant’s breast implants.

  8. Fantastic interview – wish the media was filled with more people with your understanding of different perspectives. And youmake it accessible too – thanks for doing what you do. 🙂

  9. I love you Margaret! You’re so right about white people on TV sitcoms. And Ms California is just a puppet. Glad to see you’ll be back on TV!


    Your interview was amazing. You brought it. Especially when you said that the ugliness of bigoted people (like Miss California) shows on their faces. It is SO TRUE! (Bill O’Reilly would be a perfect example).

    (And I think the interviewer was crushin’ on you a little bit, but that might just be because I AM!)

    You’re the greatest female comedian on the planet!



    PS- My mom idolizes/crushes on you as well 😀 We can’t wait for your show!

  11. Great interview! I can’t wait to see your show on Lifetime:) I just wanted to thank you for all the work you do for the LGBT community and America in general!

    All my love,

  12. Margaret you are so amazing! I love what you had to say about Miss California. She is not a good representation of the state of California at all! What a disgrace!

  13. Heya, from a longtime fan who’s just found your website. (A cyber-Neanderthal, you might call me—I’m still sorta banging rocks together online. BUT EVOLVING, all the while…) The CNN interview was a hoot, and DROP DEAD DIVA I’ve got to see when it premieres. AND BIG KUDOS for kicking Miley Cyrus’ spoiled teen ass onto her shoulders via your blog! (Why Fucks News only picked up on the story now bewilders me—unless some editor saw your post awhile back and ‘banked’ it for use in a slow news-cycle.) In any event, I delight in your work—hang in there! Blessings—Theo

  14. Lay it on the line! Miss California was “mis” guided by what she said! Margaret put her in her place by saying she was ugly for it! Thank you!

  15. I’m probably going to get my queer card revoked for not keeping up with all of the acronym additives but exactly does it mean to be “adjacent”? I’ve searched and found it used but not an actual definition. Even urban dictionary doesn’t have a definition for “queer adjacent”.

  16. Margaret Cho, I do love you, but I’d also thought I’d bring this to your awareness. Many of us mixed Asian Americans, in fact a majority of us, have an immigrant parent. My grandmother + mother are from Korea and they both raised me. I am mixed, but I was raised with the awareness that in Korea my kind is not highly looked upon. In fact I was told we were the equalivant of dog shit. Many of us grow up knowing this. I was called horrible Asian derogatory names by the majority and the Asian minority called me horrible names as well. The fact my Dad looked white (who is of white/middle eastern/ native american decent) and this was always used to attack me by east Asians. South east Asians embraced me and let me not even go into what my east Asian family thought of my relationships with them . To say Asian adjacent is to bring up the political battle of is Obama black or white? It’s an uncomfortable zone. Hapa is 100% better. Why? Maybe it derived from Hawaii, but it is an all embracing term, like how black people say what’s up my n*gga. We have been ostracized by both sides, criticized and subjected to lots of biasness, and discrimination. Which is why we own hapa, and which is why we are part of the Asian American category. To say Asian Adjacent is to push us away again. “Their not quite asian, but not quite the other.” fine. But look at the history I mentioned earlier, with saying that you have to be aware/sensitive to our backgrounds. Most of us can’t help but wonder if this is a scapegoat to throw is futher away from the asian american category, or if you have some kind of asian influence which isn’t being brought to light. I just thought I’d bring this to your awareness. I know you’re looking for a term for empowerment, I appreciate that, but this term isn’t empowering.

    -Korean Hapa

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