At The Kills!

Atlanta nightlife is heating up. It’s hot here, so I guess it’s summer. Here’s me and Crissy at Lenny’s for The Kills!! And me with beautiful beautiful beautiful Alison Mosshart!!! Stunning!!!



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  1. I loved Allison when she was in the band Discount. Love the kills too!! Didn’t know they played in the Atl sorry I missed it.

  2. Holy F! I love Allison & the Kills. Got my ticket to see The Kills in Seattle.
    They wouldn’t let Jamie have a beer (bottle) on stage in our highly misguided, lethargic sopolistic little town.
    Glad he will come back.
    But hey there’s good coffee.

  3. Okay, so I just hope Margaret get’s this message!

    Hi Maragret!!!! =DD

    My name is Garrett, and I’m an aspiring comedian, and actor. I also happen to think I’m kinda psychic, or psycho.. I don’t know, you tell me! Either Way, I have a serious question and favor to ask of you! I am following you on Twitter, and you just twittered, saying “Doing interviews at cnn center. Where’s adorable anderson at?!”. All I need to know is ‘Do you know my baby Anderson’?? If you do then you know what his sexual preference is! I need to know so I can stop looking it up, trying to figure out If we’ll ever be together! HAHA

    If you don’t even know him that’s alright too, Just PLEASE, if you could, follow me back on twitter!? =]


    p.s. I know I sound crazy stalker status, but I’m tired.. and I’m only 18 still.. HAHA and that’s pretty to say when your 18, and thinkin’ your psychic!! LOL, thanks!

    (thinks how crazy i really am, for even typing this dumb comment to you)

    please don’t be like other celebrities Margaret, if you follow my sad gay ass, I will praise you to high tops of the heavens, and love you for eternity!!

    Peace, and much much love! <3 you rock!

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