8 thoughts on “My Superhero Dog Gudrun

  1. Is that a Swiss cape? You should try to have her replace that St. Bernard with the barrel!
    (but maybe give her a little flask, just in case…)

  2. My dog’s cuter than your dog. Nah, nah, nah … JUST KIDDING!! Luv ya Gudrun. รขโ„ขยฅ You are toooooooooooo adorable for words. Arf arf arf – Chacco

  3. haha! i dress my dog up as batman. he is a french bulldog. aww they could fight crime together!!! (or bogart can hump your dog….which is probably more realistic…)

  4. Gudrun looks earnestly committed to saving the world.
    We could use it.
    Tomorrow is my pup’s 3rd birthday.
    We are celebrating with canned salmon.

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