Bettie Page: Heaven Bound

Happy birthday, Bettie! Thanks Austin!


Bettie Page: Heaven Bound
A tribute to Bettie Page featuring the art of such pin-up legends as Olivia, Bunny Yeager, Austin Young, Jim Silke, Colin Christian, Marla Rutherford, Steve Diet Goedde, Ed Mironiuk, Mathu Andersen, and Spencer Davis.

Heaven Bound opens at the World of Wonder Gallery in Hollywood, Saturday, May 2nd. Show runs until May 29.

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  1. Pretty!

    Margie you look bettilicious!



    I will stop!

    I love your skin! Wow I know, weird compliment! But it is luminescent and lovely!

    The bangs are cute! They look nice on you!

    I really really love <3 Austin Young! If I could afford it, or was famous enough, or camera worthy enough I would love to be photographed by him! I know that is a silly thing to wish, but I just think he is neato!

  2. Squee! This is so sweet and hot! I agree: PERFECT for a postcard or poster… Then it would be a true “pin-up” item.


  3. Girl- that’ a dope shot – as Ritchie from Happy Days use to say, “YOU LOOK HOT TO TROT!”

    Your ink collection is growing like our Spring veggies- fast mama, fast

    xo TIJ

  4. Аднажды в студеную зимнию пору. Бродил Я по нету. Наткнулся на пост. Понравилось очень! Респект выражаю! И даже закладки себе добавляю!

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